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The Bentleigh Moorabbin Central Rotary Club profile

The Club was chartered in 1995 under Charter President Charles Rener. It was formed by combining the Bentleigh and Moorabbin Central clubs. More on the history, including a list of past presidents, can be found here.
We currently number 38 members with about a third female. The area covered by our Club is mainly the Bentleigh and Moorabbin, (Victoria, Australia), areas – refer map. Our members generally live and/or have their business in this area, although this is not absolutely mandatory. In summary, we are diverse group of professional leaders working to address various community and international service needs.
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Our President this year, 2020-21 is Geoff Gledhill, pictured at left.

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Committee Goals

Like every Rotary Club, we divide responsibilities among members using Committees. All members are expected to serve on a Committee, the goals of which are as follows:

Membership & Public Relations This committee will focus on club membership to ensure membership growth and retention which are both very important to the success of our club).  Relevant public relations activities including social media will be a key part to their overall strategy.

They will ask for member feedback to gauge satisfaction levels, educate club members on how to attract new members, review our club meetings, projects and other activities and determine how it benefits new members. The committee will also develop e membership action plan to improve this member satisfaction. Review club assessments to ensure our retention efforts succeed. Maintain the club website and social media sites to ensure we create awareness of club activities and projects among members, local media and the community. Ensure our club’s image is in line with Rotary’s public image.

Vocational and Youth  Plan projects, carry them out and evaluate them. Identify opportunities for signature projects that will increase your club’s recognition in the community.

Work with other organisations, volunteers and committee members to maximise the imp[act of our projects.

Lead efforts to raise money for projects

Understand liability issues that will effect our club projects and activities – eg risk assessments, WWCC etc

Work with the public Relations committee to promote projects and collaborate with other clubs on projects where possible.

Community Service
Rotary Foundation The club will focus on Rotary foundation. They will help promote foundation grants and help members participate in them. Inspire members to give to the rotary foundation. Attend grant management seminars to qualify our club for Rotary grants. Oversee the qualification process for rotary global grants. Assist the treasure to manage any grants received. Work with project committees to develop fund projects. Become familiar with Rotary’s public relations resources.
Market Committee Work on processes and systems (in conjunction with the Board and other club members) to ensure the ongoing success of the of the Bentleigh Market.
Club Service & Administration Plan club meetings, assemblies and other activities. Send member communications. Facilitate connections among club members. Take attendance. Generally look over the every day running aspects of our club.
Club Strategy The purpose of this committee is to work together with the board and other club members to develop our new 2016 – 2019 Strategic Plan. This is to aid our club in reaching our vision and goals with particular reference to the challenges and opportunities we now face.
Strategic Investment Group Continue the work from 2015/2016 in the procurement of a residence to be used as a refuge for violence against women victims.
Club Governance There are a number of new polices and procedures that are becoming be part of the Rotary landscape.
Some examples include the Conflict Resolution Policy and the Youth Protection Policy along with increased requirements for Work with Children Check registers and risk assessments when doing projects. These new polices will require us to re-look at the way we do some of the things we do and comply with relevant legislation. Updates to our standing orders and bylaws may be needed in line wit this.
Club History and Legacy This committee will work on securing the club’s history and legacy and setting up processes so that we maintain this history ongoing.


Bentleigh Market

Our main fundraising activity is the Bentleigh Market and each member is expected to help here about once every thirteen weeks. This comprises a Sunday morning commencing at about 6.30am and finishing at about 1pm. Money raised at the market allows the Club to make very significant financial contributions to support a wide range of charitable causes both in our local community and overseas.

The Market was founded in 1977 and has so far raised over $2 Million. This money has gone to support local Charities and Rotary Projects.

Click here for more information about the Bentleigh Market.

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