Club Changeover Night 2019


This is a report on our Changeover night held June 29, 2019, at Woodlands Golf Club, along with a few photos. A lot more photos are available here.

We met on Saturday 29th June at Woodlands Golf Club, Mordialloc. Woodlands is a delightful venue with a wonderful, elegant vibe which catered perfectly for the excitement that pervaded the atmosphere. We were greeted by Peter O’B and Margaret M at the desk and by Linda O’B and Pres Elect Geoff at the entrance to the Reception area.
As would be expected we had many guests who included PDG Russell and Shelley Gurney, Pres Geoff’s wife Angie, their Son, daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren, Pres. Ernie and Trina Williams from RC Mordialloc, Mayor Glen Eira, Jamie Hyams, Geoff Gray representing RC Moorabbin, Peter and Helen van Dieman (Jo’s Brother and sister-in –law) and Jade (our wonderful Youth Exchange Student), former members, Richard Wright and Glenda and Warren Stahl and Aden with his parents Vicki and Geoff Gartly. We should of course include our members’ partners who come to support their spouses, Garry (Karin) Leonie (Tony R), Angela (Tim L), Ruth (Tony G), Asia (Charles), Barry (Zilla), Helen (PP Ian), Julie (Alan), Stewart (Julie,) Ken (Faye), Tammy (Martin), Judith (Peter L), Sheryl (Neville), Sarah (Larry).
Greg was our elegant Chairperson who welcomed us all as “Members of the greatest Rotary Club in the Southern Hemisphere”. He continued by saying how diverse with many cultures we were. He mentioned apologies which included Ron Brownlees, Mark Dreyfuss, Nick Staicos, Tim Wilson and Councillor Oxley, Peter G and John L. Tony R was invited to present the Loyal, Royal Toast and Linda O’B gave us Invocation. In presenting the toast to Rotary International John M informed us that the Rotary Organization brought us all together with a night such as this for Changeover with 1.2 million members, 36,000 clubs with 545 Districts!! For those who are not Rotarians he mentioned the Objects of Rotary which is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and the Four Way Test Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it bring goodwill and better friendship? And Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
The response came from DG Russell who informed us that this was the last night he would be DG. He told us we are all proud to be in the ethic business of Good Will and to help make the world a better place to face the challenge of growth. He further explained that Australia has grown and secured a future. He gave us an update on polio where in 1985 Rotary brought polio to the front and said that there were 1,000 cases a day today a total of13 cases. BUT polio is only one plane trip away. He concluded by saying we have made a difference, thanked Ian for his work as President and wished Geoff Gledhill lots of luck for his year. Shelley Gurney thanked Ian and RCBMC for the “kick-start” for her work for RAM (Rotary Against Malaria). She recognized the hard work on our part to raise funds and she was thrilled to tell us that she had raised $34, 256 towards the fight against Malaria.
Pres. Ian was called to the to the rostrum for the more formal part of the evening. He welcomed all the visitors and asked us to enjoy the evening as would the members all over the world.  He told us that he had attended the District Changeover and that the highlight of that evening was the recognition of his wife Shelley for her work for RAM and had presented her with a PHF. He gave an apology from our cluster AG Kathy Monley as it was her club’s changeover on the same evening. She had written a congratulation to us for our well-run meetings and welcomed our new members Julie, Margaret L, Martin and Vishal. Ian told us that he had spent the better part of the day in hospital but became well enough to be with us on this important occasion. He told us a couple of DRR jokes. He mentioned how spectacular the Board was and that without a good board good things do not flow. He talked of the board is divided into section and how on the departure of PP Richard and thanked Jo who took over in a very efficient way.  He continued by telling us how Charles A had worked as Market Chair for 11 years and how much work he had put into that job to make the market into what it has become. Now having resigned from this position Alan has volunteered to take it on. The Market is an important element of our club. He further thanked Ron in his position of Treasurer and Neville for being Secretary. He continued to say that this is a time consuming job and how Neville is a willing person and followed by laughingly informing Neville that this position guaranteed he would not have to be President. Another person to be thanked was Past Secretary Karin who was still in the background assisting. He talked of Greg who is our Youth Protection Officer making sure that we have our Working with Children Card so should we need to be with children such as Scouts, school children, our club is meeting all requirements to protect all children. In talking of projects he said we support Foundation, Health, Interplast and RAM. We have had enormous fun supporting international events, Working Bees for our house in Frankston and Karkarook Park and of course our weekly meetings. He particularly Thanked Tony F who greets us every week at Cilantro and who works so early in the morning making sure that the breakfast served to us is absolutely perfect. Ian made special thanks to Peter L in putting together the Speakers Program making certain that we have excellent speakers. He also explained it was Peter L who reintroduced the Rotarian behind the Badge allowing us insight of our members. He went on to praise Grant on the fantastic job of researching clubs over the world very often matching the club to an event or speaker. He continued how amazing Grant’s prowess in his Overhead Presentations had become. He also thanked Margaret M for her quiet “behind the scene” work and Zilla for her Bulletin Reporting and presented her with the largest bound copy of the year’s Bulletins. Continuing with the thanks Ian made tribute to Tim L for his way of making us happy to pay for any excuse. He congratulated Charles R, Tony R and Zilla on their big number birthdays and John M for his OAM award. He praised the Youth Exchange Program and Jade from Brazil for her enthusiasm and the marvelous job the Host families had done to make Jade’s stay so meaningful and comfortable.  The host families were Geoff and Vicki (Aden was in Finland on Youth Exchange) Peter L and Judith, Janice and Andrew French and Stephen Thom as and family. Jade is leaving for home on July 6th. Special thanks go to Helen N and Jo for their mentoring and care. In concluding Ian acknowledged Linda for arranging this Changeover event.
Moving on it became time to induct the new president for 2019-20. Greg called DG Russell to the lectern to participate in the really formal part of the evening. Ian became PP Ian and placed the President’s collar on Pres. Geoff to wear with pride and dignity. Greg called Angie wife of Pres. Geoff and Helen partner to PP Ian to exchange the beautiful Partner Pin. Pres Geoff began his first address as President of RCBMC by thanking everybody for coming and as there was so much to talk about we were to forgive him for reading it. He firstly congratulated Peter L for becoming a grandfather for the 5th time and thanked DG Russell and Shelley for attending this evening and congratulated Shelley on the work she had done. He announced that PP Ian had been an outstanding President and a special thanks to Tony Fritzlap for the morning work he did with coffees and breakfasts every meeting. Tony also has Sossi in the mornings to help serve us coffees  He felt he needed to thank Ron, special friend and councillor who had introduced him to Rotary. He also thanked Zilla, Peter L, Grant and Wife Angie for their support. He talked of the fact that Rotary is 120 years’ old which makes it interesting and respected. This is not just a club: not like a football or golf club, not what the club gives us but what we give. The club draws from different people who have nothing in common but are there because they want to be there. They support people who are faraway. It is a privilege to be part of the program on a global scale. It is as this year’s theme says ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD. Pres Geoff asked us to extend ourselves as a club and we are blessed to have the Sunday Market to give us the capacity to fund our projects. At this point Pres. Geoff wanted to acknowledge Charles A and to be placed on record and wanted it known of his work of the 11 devoted years to the market.  In closing Pres Geoff pointed out that we have differences, we are a club. We are club members and when things get rocky we should remember we are dealing with people who are dealing Rotary Persons. Members became upstanding to welcome our new President. Ian then received a gift and a bound bulletin and a certificate of appreciation. Helen too received a certificate in respect of her support to Ian during his year of President. Sergeant Tim was remembered with a gift as well.
Then it was time to acknowledge the Above and Beyond Duty Awards. John M called Peter O’B who was presented with a PHF 3rd Sapphire. Geoff Gartly called Jo Impy who was presented with a PHF. Jo was overcome with surprise and who took the opportunity to tell us it is great to be part of this great club. Greg called Helen Nodrum for enthusiastic, committed and supportive membership and presented her with a PHF. Helen too was taken by surprise thanked those who had bestowed the award on her and she stated that she was a committed member and hope to do 40 years. The club was thrilled with the Award Committee’s choices. Jade was presented with a bound copy of the year’s Bulletin and a gift and a photo. She too was emotional in thanking us for her experiences is. She thanked her host parents and hoped that if it is possible she could be visited by us in Brazil. And was looking forward to the visit from Sophie Peter L’s stepdaughter who would visit in January. She told us it was hard to explain of the importance of Rotary Exchange. PP Ian reminded her she will be able to do that when she speaks to clubs in her district in Brazil. We all know how much she enjoyed Australia. The next ceremony was to present a Certificate of Appreciation to the following members for their outstanding contribution to the club, Peter L, Alan, Charles A, Geoff Gartly, Grant, John L, Linda O’B, Margaret M., Neville, Paul, Peter L, Ron, Tony R and Zilla. Everyone had their own special brand of contribution and the accolade was very much appreciated. In closing, the bulletin would be remiss if the beautiful music made by Luke and Paul was not mentioned. The keyboard and singing helped to make the atmosphere elegant and interesting. The Woodland Golf Club offered delicious and beautifully presented food and was served by caring and helpful staff. Thank you for hosting us.
In conclusion: Congratulations to Pres Geoff who asked us to drive carefully in the icy conditions and that ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)



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