Club Meeting August 15, 2018 StKilda Mums


Sergeant Tim was our inimitable Chairperson last week. He invited Neville to give us Invocation and Martin, the Loyal, Royal Toast. This week Grant took us to Cook Islands. It was quite cold outside so the thought of a warmer climate to toast a club was very welcome. There are 15 islands that make up the country called Cook Islands that are located in mid-Pacific, half way between New Zealand and Hawaii. The total land measurement is 240 square km and the ocean area 2,200,000km square with the population of 17,500. The distance from Australia is 6.700km2The islands were first settled in the 6th Century by Polynesians from Tahiti 1,154 km NE. The Spanish visited the Islands in 1595 but did not colonise. Captain Cook arrived in 1773. The Islands became a British protectorate in 1888, largely due to the fear that the French might occupy. At the Islanders request in 1900 they became a British Territory. In 1949 The British Nationality and New Zealand citizen effect came to pass. Gook Islanders who were British subjects gained New Zealand Citizenship. In 1965 Cook Island became self- governing. The Islands are divided into two distinct groups: Southern Cook islands and the Northern Cook Islands. The islands were formed by sunken volcanoes topped by coral growth. The islands were named in honour of Cook, first appearing on a Russian naval chart published in the 1821s. Rarotonga is the largest island in the Cook Islands and is part of the southern group. The population is 13,000. The capital is Avaru which has a population of 5,500 and is the seat of government. Rarotonga is home to rugged mountains. Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Jaewynn McKay and the Members of the Rotary Club of Rarotonga, Cook Islands. The club was chartered 5th February 1969, has 18 members and belongs to District 9920. Thank you Grant for you hard work and research to introduce us once again to an exciting distant land.

Sargent Tim/Chairperson welcomed our Guest Speaker Jessica Macpherson, CEO St Kilda Mums. He welcomed Tony R and Larry back from their adventures in warmer climates and We wish Charles A, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope the coming year will be kind, healthy and prosperous. Vice Pres Larry standing in for Pres Ian who is still north sailing (lucky) wanted to acknowledge Paul for his great commitment to Rotary Foundation. Peter G reminded us that the Interactors of McKinnon Secondary College are holding their fund raiser on 17th August and urged us to assist if possible. Greg told us of an up and coming date for a “Thai” dinner on Monday 27th August. Our Guest Speaker, Jessica came to tell us of the amazing work that St. Kilda Mums do in the community.  Their Mission aim is to share the joy of motherhood and save the earth’s precious resources by joining Agencies through-out Melbourne. ST Kilda Mums rehome pre-loved goods to support Victorian families in need and this way saving the earth’s precious resources. We collect in order to offer safe nursery equipment, clothing, books and toys for babies. 1/6 of children are born into poverty of which a percentage are in single parent homes. The Vision is a future where we Waste less, Share more and Care for every child. The Values are Respect for each other, the Community we live and thrive that shares and supports each other and Integrity so we are transparent in our work and strive for excellence in everything we do. Spending a day volunteering allow you to understand the need in the community while at the same time getting to know the team better and learning new skills. Some of the activities include Cleaning and Safety checking items such as prams, high chairs and car seats, sorting and packing clothing and toys, preparing special toiletry packs for mums and babies and whatever deliveries come om the day. 90% of goods are second-hand with 60% arriving in Melbourne, 30% in Geelong and 10% in Ballarat. Goods arrive at our depots by private donors but we have carriers who deliver. “Tinklers” are always sort after as they can fix anything. Victoria Freight Services are one of the most reliable and are most appreciated.  With the Gandel Philanthropy and RACV help we are investing in our own van because contractors are not always within reach. Jessica told us of families in need, one being of a couple with triplets who received everything needed in triplicate. Jessica told us of the enormous value of a pram. Life is transformed for a mother when she has a pram because she can get to the shops, can get her older children to school, and can make the all-important visit to the Health Nurse. All of this not possible without a pram. Many of the articles are found on the street but when fixed they look like new. Last year’s figures show that Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat comprised 83% of the population of Victoria according to Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data. In the past year we have distributed material aid in 11 new local government areas. It is the goal to reach 100% of Victorian families over the next 4 years. Guiding Principles are to work and support existing social services and maternal and Child Health nurses. We will not duplicate work of existing services but to try and add, we do not profit from delivery to their services. To ensure that the criteria for recipient eligibility is determined by social service and not by us, to ensure that all goods donated are of good quality, in working condition and adhere to Australian safety standards and we will work with partners and supporters who share our values who share our values and goals. Jessica, you gave us such a lot of information and you certainly made us a captive audience in awe of what you have and are achieving. We thank you for coming so early in the morning and sharing your passion.

Sergeant Tim/ Chair, began his session with once again a “drrr” joke and found cheeky, sneaky ways of fining us, especially Paul who apparently won a prize at an auction but left it behind! We should always be aware of Tony and Sossie together with the wonderful kitchen team who make us our welcoming coffee and delicious breakfast. Thank you!! Then as he had doubled up as Chairperson Tim closed the meeting reminding us to BE THE INSPIRATION

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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