Club Meeting August 22, 2018 Happy Vibe Happy Club


Welcome back Pres Ian! Congratulations in your success for your boat and crew coming third in the division in Queensland. Margaret was the Chairperson and invited Geoff Gartly to give us the Vocation and Richard to present us the Loyal Royal Toast. Once again we were taken to a place far away by Grant who introduced us to a Rotary Club in Swaziland or Eswatini. Swaziland is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. Its borders are Mozambique and South Africa. The country and people were named from the 19th Century king, King Mswati ll. Human activity dates back to around 200,000 years ago. Rock art paintings dating from 27,000 as recent as the 19th century can be found there. The people who could be Swazi entered the territory of Swaziland around 1600. Ngwane people entered the present territory of Swaziland Territory around 1600. Ngwane lll was King of Swaziland from 1745-1780. He was considered to be the first King of modern Swaziland when the establishment of Swazi Kingdom (KaNgwane) was founded. Mswati lll was the king between 1840 and 1868. Swaziland was named after him. After the British Victory in the Anglo-Boer war, 1903, Swaziland became a British protectorate. The country became a British Colony in 1906 and on the 6th September 1968 gained Independence. The executive capital is Mbabane and the legislative capital is Lobamba. The area is 17,00square km with a population of 1,394,517bbased on the latest United Nations estimates and a median age of 20 due to a life expectancy of 58 years! HIV/AIDS is estimated to infect 25% of the adult population! Mbabane was founded in 1887 and became the capital in1902. The population is approximately 95,000. Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Timothy Mabaso and the Members of the Rotary Club of Mbuluzi-Mbabane, Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland or Eswatini) District 9400, and chartered 8th May 1990. The club has 27 members. The club meets at the Ekwetsembeni Special School (for children with intellectual disabilities) at 6.00 pm. The major fund raising project is a walk/run from Mb High School to the top of Sibebe Rock. This is the second largest exposed granite monolith in the world (800m), second to Uluru Australia. This project started in 2014 with 4,000 participants with a distance of 12km. The project raises $AU 47,000. Grant, you have done a mammoth job in this research. Thank you once again for enlightening us of yet again another worthy Club in the Rotary World.

Pres. Ian in welcoming Jade (our Exchange student from Brazil) and Terry, commented how great it was to see so many people and how great the vibe was causing such a happy atmosphere. He voiced again how pleased he was with the Yacht race and coming third in their division. He also asked if we had seen the great photos that had been taken on the McKinnon Secondary Collage’s Interactors Charity Day with Jade being in attendance. He informed us that the Board had approved $10,000 to be donated towards the Drought Relief Appeal and would go through Rotary Scheme and will be channelled through the District in NSW. It is recognised that this is an Exceptional Donation together with Sergeant Tim’s donation through fines collection. Pres Ian reminded us of the special night with a Brazilian flavour on Friday 31st August at Cilantro to especially welcome Jade. Please Come! As our guest speaker did not come Jade very kindly said she would talk to us. Jade (pronounced Jarjee) is not only charming but very beautiful and firstly wanted to apologise for her poor English. Actually her English is really very, very good. She has been in Melbourne for only 3 weeks but has seen our famous Beach Boxes and St Kilda and has been to the Crown Casino for the movies. Jade told us she has made friends. At school she is studying Food Technology which she has not done before. She is studying English as well. Jade told us that she does not like vegetables especially “green things” On the previous Sunday she met with other Exchange Students and like herself are happy to be here and their hosts. She finished her talk by explaining that where she comes from the weather is HOT and thought Australia would be hot also. We did tell her “wait” it will defiantly get hot!! This was Melbourne and the weather changes. Thank you Jade for filling in at such a moment’s notice and Thank you Helen for all the care you have shown.

Greg then divided us in to teams of 4 to play word games called “Quizzles” The team who won were made up of Tony G, PETER L, Pres. Ian and Jo. Very Clever! and a lot of fun with a score of 25 out of 27! Sergeant Tim as usual told us a “Drr” Joke and talked of “The dream lives on”, meaning the Melbourne Football team once again winning a match. Supporters of whatever team become very passionate and are more than happy to win! Pres. Ian closed the meeting reminding us to BE THE INSPIRATION
Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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