Club Meeting December 11 2019 Youth Protection Update


It was truly a very happy crowded meeting, our second last meeting of the year, so much so, that Tony needed to find a couple of extra chairs! Helen was our very efficient Chairperson and she quickly and cheerfully brought us to order. She welcomed our guests, ADG Kathy Money and Clemence to our meeting. Grant’s toast took us to Belait, Brunei. Brunei is situated on the north coast of the island of Borneo in South East Asia on the South China Sea and borders the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The population is 430,000. The Capital is Bandar Seri Begawan. The early Brunei history dates back to the 6th C with trade with China. Islam arrived in Brunei in the 12th C. Hindu influence came through allegiance to the Javanese between the 13th and 15th centuries. Brunei became an independent sultanate in the 15thC following the widespread conversion to Islam. British Borneo is comprised of the four northern parts of the island of Borneo which are now the country of Brunei and two Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah. Before WWll, Sarawak was known as the Raj of Sarawak (1841-1946) and Sabah was known as North Borneo (1881-1946). The Kingdom of Brunei became a protectorate of the United Kingdom. Brunei was granted independence May 1983, which came in to affect 1/1/1984. Kuala Belait is the second largest settlement in Brunei, with a population of 38,000. Kuala Belait means “mouth of the Belait River. It is 120km to the north-east of Bandar Seri Begawan and is was a small fishing village at the turn of the 20th century. Brunei Shell Petroleum Company has facilities in and near the town and contributes 90% of t government revenue.  Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Patrick Lai and the members of the Rotary Club of Belait, Nation of Brunei, District 3310. The club was chartered 2nd December 1966 and has 7 members. The meeting is held at The Sutera Biru on Mondays 6:30 pm. The club supports various activities which include 1) Supporting the Seria home for the elderly, 2) providing solar power for rural residents, 3) Assisting needy students in their education, 4) Organizing the Youth Leadership Camp held during the school holidays and 5) Providing medical supplies. Quite a program for such an energetic small club. Thank you Grant for introducing us to yet another innovative overseas Rotary Club. Helen in calling Pres. Geoff to the rostrum commented on the big crowd. Pres Geoff once again welcomed our guests and reminded us of the BBQ to be held at Ron and Marilyn’s place. He informed us that the Board meeting held the previous Tuesday evening was a busy and successful one. He advised us that we were all to receive a covering letter for THE CODE OF CONDUCT and asked us to make sure we read it. Pres Geoff also advised us that we would be informed each week of the repot from the market. Funding for the Balbo School was passed and that Linda O’Brien was the “On-to-Conference” Convener. Greg is our Youth Protection officer.  He advised us that the rules and regulations were such that according to Rotary policies of Working with Children most important that when we receive the email covering the overview and the rules of safety that it is imperative that we should take the time to read them. Anyone dealing with children needs to have a WWCC (Working with Children Card). There are 7 standards for Protection The club has responsibilities. The idea is if we are asked is working on making the role simple and keep the club connected. If we are asked to do some-thing, then WE DO IT!  Greg gave us 8 overhead presentations which we will receive on that important document, but the key sentences are as follows. 1)There are 7 child safe standards, 2) Youth Protection Policy Statement, 3) RCBMC member responsibility, 4) Examples of Direct Contact with Youth eg Interact… 5) Incidental Youth Contact 6) Prior to engaging in Youth activities 7) Documents and Record Retention for our Club. There are golden rules and it is important to have all documents submitted to the club Protection Officer. Greg told us that he is acutely aware of the stringent work and the additional layer of work for some members. And asked if members are asked to assist if they could do that as promptly as possible to make the task easier and again made an emphasis to absolutely make sure we read all that is sent to us.  Rotary has a reputation to uphold and if all the rules have been abided by RI will look after us legally if extreme incidences occur. Thank you Greg for the enormous work and the huge responsibility to the club that you have taken on. Again WE MUST READ THE DOCUMENTE WE HAVE BEEN SENT! Pres Geoff presented Sue with her new club name badge for which she was extremely proud. She thanked him and told us that not every club is as welcoming and friendly as we are. Sue has joined in our activities with gusto and we do welcome he whole heartedly.  Happy Birthday Charles and congratulations on your 86th year. We wish you well. Happy birthday to Vishal’s wife whose birthday is this month too. The bulletin reporter apologizes that she has forgotten her name! Ron gave an over view of the new tickets for the Market and announced the figures of the gate takings which indicate the numbers of customers. Sergeant Tim started his session be announcing that Melbourne is the greatest sports’ capital with the advent of the President’s Cup, the Tennis Open and the Grand Pris held in March. This started him to find ridiculous excuses to extract our gold coins even to the point of “foreign” members such as Tasmanians, South Australians, Queenslanders and western Australians. Very entertaining and innovative!! We should extend our Sympathy and Condolences to Gary Ramage on the loss of his Mother. It is always sad to lose a parent and in Gary’s case, she was 103 years old so he was able to have her in his life for a very long time. Please accept our thoughts. Christmas is fast approaching and we shall have a sing along at our next and last meeting of the year next week. Pres Geoff closed the meeting reminding us that ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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