Club Meeting December 12 2018 Emeritus Professor Louis Waller


Last week our meeting room at Cilantro was filled to capacity with cheerful Rotarians and guests who were so happy in conversation that it took Sergeant Tim several loud clangs of the deafening bell to bring us to order! Tony R was our Chairperson and welcomed our guests, the Famous Emeritus Professor Louis Waller who would speak later in the morning, Brett Hayton, Julie Reid, John and Bev Rosenberg, cousins of Peter L and whose 42nd Wedding Anniversary was on this day!, and Karin’s partner Gary and Faye’s husband Ken. Tony invited Zilla to give us Invocation and “Republican” Larry to present us with the Loyal, Royal Toast. Grant took us to the Canary Islands for our International Club Toast. The Canary Islands form the Spanish archipelago and the most southern tip autonomous community of Spain. Located in the Atlantic Ocean100km west of Morocco and belong to the African Plate the archipelago consists of seven large and smaller islands all of which are of volcanic origin. Volcanic activity caused by a mantle plume is called the canary Hotspot. Called “Islas Canarias” in Spanish likely to be from the Latin name “Canariae Insulae” “islands of the Dogs (only Gran Canaria). Humans arrived from Africa in 2500BC and Romans arrived 1st C.AD Castilian Conquest began in 1402 with the Island of Lanzarote. The conquest ended in1496 with the capture of Tenerife and La Palma. There are 2 provinces, Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest and most populated island with the area of 2,000km square and a population of 900,000. The capital is Santa Cruz de Tenerife having been established in 1494 and is home to a 60 seat Parliament. Costa Adeje is a major tourist centre and is 65 km from the capital. We learnt that the Atlantic Canary which is a wild bird with greenish, brownish with yellow markings is native to the Azores and Madeira Islands and was named for the islands and not the islands named for the birds as was commonly thought. The domestic Canary, Serinus Canaria forma Domestica is genetically bred for its beautiful yellow colouring. Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Eric Viana and the members of the Rotary Club of Tenerife Sur, Canary Islands (Spain), District 2201. The club was chartered 17th June 1983 and has 33 members who meet at the Hotel Gran Tinerfe on Monday evenings at 8.30. Thank you Grant for your hard work in finding such an interesting club. Wonder where you will take us next week. Pres. Ian welcomed John and Margaret and Zilla back from their holidays. He showed us a certificate from Cheltenham East Primary School depicting the time spent at the Camelot Traffic School thanks to our club and Alan who had organised this adventure. Happy Birthday Martin! We wish you a great year ahead! Chairperson, Tony R introduced our Guest Speaker, Professor Louis Waller, with great gusto and fondness. He told us that when he began at university, he had the 1st and 2nd textbooks written by Louis Waller and that he was the longest serving and distinguished law scholar. Later in the morning, much to Tony’s delight Professor signed the book! so many years later. Professor Waller began his talk quoting ‘No Good Deeds go Unpunished” and that people who are kind enough to remember the good are very much appreciated. He continued saying teaching is exciting, demanding and has a responsibility. One must always remember and be careful of what you say because people who hear you are always affected. He announced that it was 40 years ago a girl called Louise Brown was born from a glass dish and that 2 years later Candice Reid was born here in Melbourne. What an extraordinary scientific development here in the Royal Women’s’ and Queen Victoria of the birth of what was then known as the “test tube” babies. This caused a firestorm of publicity, causing real consternation as to how they were going to turn out and there was great discussion from religious sources because embryos were being used for this experiment. Professor Waller was involved with the birth of a world first statutory regulatory regime in Victoria and through his chairmanship of the Committee to investigate Social, Ethical and Legal issues arising from IVF and was asked to form a committee to discuss safety and ethics. John Cain, the Premier and Attorney General at the time and Howard Nathan accepted what Louis had said and 3 months a conclusion was delivered. He then became the inaugural chair of the Infertility Treatment Authority (now VARTA) and held the position until 2001. Investing in the start of life, the pros and cons of egg freezing for social reasons, the child’s right to know and family law orders were all subject to discussion. In 1994 the status of Children Amendment Act where a child born to a couple where one was not the biological parent became a matter of law. Secondly was the Infertility Procedure Act with the focus on issues that affects today. Information and revelation on people who donate, the after math of discovering information regarding this and the distress caused by the hitherto information. Records were destroyed or misplaced. Professor was proud for the initiative in 1983 ensuring legislation to prevent this. He went on to say that DNA has made marvellous discoveries and should not stop concerning the welfare of those who live amongst us. There are NO SECRETS so it is important that from a very young age information in families should be shared and thereby preventing the busy body from spreading this information. Professor’s dry sense of humour and the way he delivered his talk had us spell bound. As well as Tony having such an exciting connection, so too had Zilla, who as Kindergarten Teacher in 1966 had taught one of Professor Waller’s sons who is now a grandfather! Thank you Professor Waller for accepting the invitation to speak to us and for sharing so early in the morning! A HUGE THANK YOU should go to Peter L for being able to organize such High Keynote speakers to visit us week after week. We are indeed fortunate. The club would like to wish Leonie Ryan a speedy recovery from her disastrous fall and hope her wrist, leg and face will heal quickly. Sergeant Tim, began his session by thanking Professor Louis for his enormous contribution to Society and continued to happily fine us for the most trivial reasons. Pres. Ian closed the meeting and after listening to our esteemed guest speaker it is a great example of to BE THE INSPIRATION Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)

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