Club Meeting December 18 2019 Christmas Breakfast


On this day back we will be welcomed by Alex and Eva at Champagne Charlize as our “home” is still on Holmesglen vacation. We have all celebrated Chanukah and Christmas and have eaten too much and possibly enjoyed many glasses of good wine. Charles has celebrated his 86th Birthday as have all the December birthday people. Our last meeting of the year 2019 was a very happy and joyful one, with our partners and wives and husbands joining in. Linda O’B was our chairperson and welcomed Clemence, Christine Bury, (Michael), Marilyn (Ron), Ken(Faye), Julie (Alan), Leonie (Tony), Barry (Zilla), Sheryl (Neville), Gary (Karin), and Rotarian Robin Bailey (Nomads). Linda invited Geoff Gartly to give us Invocation and Glenda presented the Loyal, Royal Toast. Grant took us to Greenland. Greenland is the largest non-continental island and is about 2,670km from N-S and 1,050km from E-W. 2/3of the country lies within the Arctic Circle and <800km from the North Pole and 26 km from Canada’s Ellesmere Island to the northwest. The nearest European country is Iceland, 320 km to the southeast. The island is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean, the Greenland Sea, the Denmark strait, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Labrador Sea, the Davis Strait, Baffin Bay and the Nares Strait. At this point Grant showed us pictures of the some of the sea-faring explorers after whom some of these waters were named. The area of Greenland is 2,000,000km2 and the Greenland Ice Sheet covers more than 1.8km2 (90% of the land area and has an average thickness of 1.5km with a maximum of 3km!! The population is 56,000. Nuuk is the capital. There are virtually no roads between cities which are serviced by aircraft and ferries. The first humans are thought to have arrived in Greenland from North America around 2500BC. In 986 the Norse Settlement of Greenland began in 1263 Greenland becomes the crown dependency of Norway. C.1500, during the “Little Ice Age” Norse settlements vanished leaving only the native Inuit. The first Danish settlement was created near present-day Nuuk in 172. In 1814, Denmark acquired control of Greenland and in 1979 Greenland attained home rule. Greenland gained greater autonomy in 2008. Nuuk is the largest city and the seat of Government of Greenland. Nuuk is located at the mouth of Nuuk Kangerlua Fjord and was founded in 1728 by the Governor Claus Paarss as Godthab (“Good Hope”). The city officially adopted its current name in 1979. The population is 18.000. The port is home to almost half of Greenland’s fishing fleet. Mining for minerals such as zinc and gold are important to Nuuk’s economy. Danish tradition has Santa living in Greenland near Uummannaq. Uummannaq is a town on Uummannaq Island. The town is 590 km north of the Arctic Circle. Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Carsten Thorndal Pedersen and the members of the Rotary Club of Nuuk, Greenland, District 1470. The club was chartered 6th May 1980. There are 46 members. We always appreciate the work that Grant does to show us in detail International Clubs from other parts of the world. Linda congratulated him in finding all the information to share with us. The club is very unusual as it is in the country that is home to Santa Claus according to the Danes.  Breakfast was as usual superb with the delicious water melon sliced in to the shape of Christmas trees. Thanks should go to all the kitchen people who never fail to titillate our senses. Pres. Geoff welcomed all our guests as well as the members making special mention of Robin who helps out at the market. He also gave Clemence a gift from us. He also gave Tony and Sossi a Christmas gift each, thanking them on behalf of all of us in order to acknowledge what they do for us every week. Our Jo Impey was our Guest Speaker. She explained that she likes Bike Rides especially if they are organized for a good cause. Sometimes they have couples on their own, or a family which makes it a great event. She further explained that Geoff Gartly had introduced to cycling. The cause she is working on is for MS and would like the club to be involved and is aiming to raise $5,000, or even more! The money raised goes toward research for people with MS. The market stall raised some funds and another will be organized in the new year. She thanked all who helped and told us it was great fun. Being part of the project will give us a good feeling and Jo informed us that there will be a dinner at Cilantro. Our Guest speaker on that night will be Tim Wilks who is Zilla’s Partner Barry’s son who suffers from MS. This will give a personal feel and we will learn more about this insidious disease. The Bike Ride, she apologized is on the same weekend as Conference so for all the members who do not go to Echuca might like to join in the fun, whether riding as Martin is doing or walking, or running. After Jo had finished Chairperson person Linda explained that the club has certain traditions. The first being Barry who is a crooner. He sang arcapello, “Silver Bells” and “White Christmas” which some of us sang along with him followed by “Rudolph The  Red Nosed Reign Deer”. Thanks to Ian who had the words on the overhead projector we could join in with gusto. Thank you Barry for your beautiful interpretation. The next tradition is the arrival of the little red man, Santa Clause with his hair on back-to –front! What a fun way to end the year. Good cross fine on Sergeant Tim! Ian announced that he was presented with his 3rd grandchild called Niko. Congratulations Ian! Wonderful. Tony presented Charles a most beautiful cake in honor of his 86th Birthday. Rosters were read and agreed upon and Alan gave us a summary of the previous Sunday’s Market activities. Not only is Charles our oldest member but the longest serving member having been a charter member for the original Rotary Club of Bentleigh. Pres. Geoff closed the meeting wishing us a Happy Festive Season and a safe holiday and reminded us that ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD.

               Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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