Club Meeting December 5 2018 Chinese Museum


Kevin Davidson was our Chairman this week. It was great to welcome back Tony Grusd from his travels. We also welcomed back Julie Reid as a visitor. Our guest speaker this morning was Mark Wand from the Museum of Chinese Australian History.

This week Grant took us to Ethiopia for the international toast and the Rotary Club of Sheger. Chartered in 2015, it has a membership of 20 and is in District 9212. Ethiopia has a population of some 105m and it’s capital Addis Ababa a population of about 4m. Ethiopia is located in the north east corner of Africa , known as the horn of Africa.
Our guest speaker this morning was Mark Wang from the Museum of Chinese Australian History.
Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown, the Chinese Museum’s five floors showcase the heritage and culture of Australia’s Chinese community. Our purpose is to operate a museum, to promote and preserve Chinese Culture and history; especially of Australian-Chinese history in Australia.
The Museum of Chinese Australian History was established in 1985 as a community-run, not-for-profit national institution to document, preserve, collect and research the history and culture of Chinese Australians and their descendants.

The Museum is housed in a late nineteenth century five-level warehouse. The warehouse was built in 1890 by the Cohen Bros who were furniture manufacturers and they used this building as a factory to make furniture and also a storeroom.

After the Cohen Bros moved out, it was purchased by Her Majesty’s theatre and was used for the storage of sets and costumes. During the hey-day of musical extravaganzas, it was also used as change rooms for the large choruses that were a part of these shows.

The building was acquired by the Victorian government from Her Majesty’s in 1985 and is rented by the Museum for a nominal fee. When it opened its doors to the public in November 1985 it had no foundation collection and only three levels of the building had been renovated – basement, ground and first floors. The second floor was renovated in 1987 and the third floor along with the rest of the building in 1995. In 2010 renovations were made to the ground and first floors.
A major forthcoming exhibition is the 1 Million Stories, celebrating 200 years of Chinese in Australia. Our thanks to Mark for coming along this morning.
Alan Kempton gave us an update on the Cheltenham Primary School traffic school sponsorship by the Club.
Tim Lynch dealt out his usual quota of fines.

Ian Ballantine


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