Club Meeting February 26 2020 Rotary and Malaria


Martin Utteridge was Chair and he welcomed: Jackie Gleeson, Guest Speaker, with Vivienne, Peter Nolan, Visiting Rotarian from RC of Kota Kinabalu in East Malaysia, and Clemence, our RYE student.

The International Toast was to the RC of Bulawayo South in the Republic of Zimbabwe, President Nomuhle Nyoni, and members. The club was chartered on 16th June 1967 and currently has 22 members. It meets on Mondays at 12.45pm at the Zimbabwe Academy of Music, Bulawayo. It also chartered a Rotaract Club in Nov 2019. Zimbabwe is a land-locked country located in Southern Africa. It has a population of 14,500,000. Its capital is Harare. Bantu tribes arrived in Zimbabwe about 2,000 years ago and formed the first Bantu Empires in the 13th century. In 1798, Portuguese explorer (Francisco de Lacerda) visited the area. In 1855, David Livingstone arrived. In 1888, Englishman, Cecil Rhodes. obtained mineral rights from the Lozi people in Barotseland. In May 1895, the country was officially named Rhodesia. In 1965, Rhodesia, in an “act of rebellion” declared independence from the UK and in 1970, the government declared itself a republic. Bulawayo was founded in 1840 as a kraal and is the second largest city in Zimbabwe.

President Geoff addressed the members and encouraged more suggestions on fund raising. He said that the sausage sizzle recently held at Bunnings not only raised funds but also increased Rotary’s profile in the community. He raised Market Roster issues on the weekend of 21/22 March as it is the weekend of the District Conference as well as the MS ride on Sunday 22 March.

Guest speaker, Jackie Gleeson, spoke on Rotarians Against Malaria (RAMS). RAMS started in District 9810 in 2004 when the late John Glenn was District Governor. The objective of RAMS is to prevent Mortality and social morbidity caused by malaria. The mission of RAMS is therefore to eliminate malaria.
Although Australia was declared malaria free in 1981, malaria is still prevalent in many countries. The focus of District 9810 is to assist with the eradication of malaria in countries close to Australia e.g. PNG, Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands as well as West Timor, which is part of Indonesia. Work has also commenced in Vanuatu with the “End Malaria for Good in Vanuatu “ program.
Malaria is caused by the bite of the female anopheles mosquito. The aim is therefore to prevent mosquito bites. This is achieved by: • use of mosquito nets impregnated with long-lasting insecticide (L.L.I.Ns) which is purported to avert 69% of bites. • clean up of villages to prevent breeding and harbouring of mosquitos •indoor residual spraying of insecticides.
All 5 Rotary Districts in Australia participate in the program with funds from clubs, matching grants and also grants from the Department of Foreign Affairs.
The population most at risk are children under the age of 5 years and pregnant women.
One example of what RAMS does is the “Chasing of Malaria” program in PNG. This consists of assistance in cleaning the villages, encouraging the use of mosquito nets to sleep under and education on malaria and the importance of taking anti-malaria medication. Jackie also reminded members who plan to visit  malaria invested countries to seek advice and medication through their GPs.
Malaria Awareness Day is on 30 April 2020. There is also an upcoming RAMS Conference on Malaria in April 2020.
Other business: Jo Impey asked for an indication from members who plan to attend the MS dinner. Brad, The chef, was congratulated and thanked for an amazing Cordon Bleu breakfast. Pres Geoff closed the meeting.
Notes by Margaret Mason
(note, more pics on the website—Ed)

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