Club Meeting February 27th 2019 Assoc Prof David Finkelstein


Terry Kane chaired our meeting this week where our guest speaker was . We were also joined by two other visitors, Vishal Mahajan  ( a Rotarian recently moved to East Bentleigh) and Karl Russell, Principal at  Cheltenham Secondary College. Karl came along as guest Youth and Vocation chair Peter Guttmann.
Grant Perry did the normal fantastic job of International toast.
Breakfast was something very special again thsi morning having been prepared by the Cordon Bleu team from Holmsglen—just fantastic– see pics.
Our guest speaker, A/Prof David Finkelstein-of the Howard Florey Institute spoke about the various diseases of the brain and nervous systems, specifically, Parkinsons, Dementia and Alzheimer’s . He pointed out that “diseases of the mind” are the major cause for what he termed as years of healthy life lost.
Amongst psychological disorders, depression and addiction are the major factors amongst the young, but as we get older, conditions such as dementia, stoke and Parkinsons are predominant. He defined dementia as a group of conditions characterised by impairment of at least two brain functions such as memory loss and judgement. Alzheimer’s , or senile dementia, is a progressive disease that physically destroys memory and other important mental functions. He spoke at length of the research being done into Parkinsons and the apparent importance of exercise in its treatment. It was a very very interesting address and we are very greatful to David for taking the time  to speak to us. Further information can be found on the Florey Foundation website at

Charles Rener gave a very touching address in thanks to those who helped share his recent 85th birthday.

Tim Lynch did a great job as usual fining fellow members. Congratulations to Terry Kane as chairperson this morning
Ian B


(our normal meeting reporter , Zilla is still unable to attend meetings due to a very bad cold/flu/chest infection. We wish her a speedy recovery)


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