Club Meeting January 16 2019 Happy New Year


Last week the club met for the first meeting of the year at the very welcoming Champagne Charlies which is run by Alex and Eve with Laura the friendly waitress the food is always delicious and plentiful. A big thank you for having us so early in the morning. We were all in very good spirit.
Geoff Gledhill welcomed us all and a special welcome to Julie Reid, Rod Kaplan (friend of Geoff Gartly) and an important member of the Scout Movement. Jade was also there looking very relaxed even though she had mountains of homework to complete during the summer holidays. The meeting was fairly casual especially as Pres. Ian pointed out that it was after all the first meeting for 2019. He continued by thanking the rostered members for the market all of whom had turned up for duty. He reminded us that the Conference was being held in Melbourne on the 16th and 17th February.
Pres. Ian also mentioned that the 20th February is a couple of days prior to Zilla’s 80th birthday and we will help her celebrate. It is also the date of Aden talk of his trip as a Rotary Exchange student to Finland. Geoff is very proud if his son’s achievement there and welcomed his “prodigal” son back after 12 months. Geoff also said that Aden had not had a haircut during that time. Hmmm. It was mentioned that Aden had met other children from other countries and during that time he had grown as a person and that he had become Youth Advocate. We are looking forward to hearing about his adventures.
Helen talked of Jade and how she had joined her and other members for Midnight Mass. Jade talked of the Fire Works for New Year and that she had been to Boxing Day Cricket at the MCG and had also attended a music festival for Australian International Music. Jade said she had been shopping, swimming, and Puffing Billy. She is excited to visit Tasmania and that she would be going to Conference. She mentioned that she would be back at school and she was expected to write a-lot and hopefully would improve that skill.
After a lively and lucrative Sergeant Session with Sergeant Tim telling us more jokes Pres. Ian closed the meeting mentioning how wonderful Charles Rener’s 85th birthday was. Charles was thrilled with the gift of a wee vacation on Philip Island arranged by Peter L and given by a group of members who had contributed towards this. We are once again meeting at Champagne Charles 23rd January before returning to our home meeting place on January 30th. BE THE INSPIRATION

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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