Club Meeting July 10 2019 Fellowship at Champagne Charleze


Once again we were treated to a wonderful, delicious breakfast hosted and prepared by the charming host and cook Alex and Eva at Champagne Charlize, Centre Rd, Bentleigh. We will be back “home” at Cilantro on this day 18th July. As our guest speaker was unable to attend our club members settled with our friendships and fellowship. PP Ian was chairperson and called upon Zilla for Invocation and Faye for the Loyal, Royal Toast. He welcomed Barry (Zilla’s Partner) and Kevin back from Overseas. Apologies came from Vishal, Tony G, Liz, Alan and Julie. Peter L told us that he and Judith had hosted a farewell party for Jade and that 40 friends had come to bid Jade farewell. A great tribute to this wonderful Exchange student from Brazil. One visitor came from Canberra and another from Bendigo. 8 friends slept over and this too was remarkable as it was first thing to the Airport the very next day. Jade faced a 32 hour with 3 flights and a 5hour delay. Peter and the last host Parents Stephen and Michelle Thomas informed us that she reached home safely and was happy to be there. Our new exchange student, Clemence Vandercrys will arrive on the 28th July at 5.50 pm. She comes from a provincial town in France and will attend a meeting in the first week in August. Helen told us that the correspondence between her and the club sounds very encouraging. She is a little older than most exchange students as she turns 18 on 1st August. Colleen from RC Brighton is the first host mother. Julie will be the Mentor. The reason that Clemence is older than most is that the selection process takes years and she was much younger when she first applied. Given that, she is pleased to partake in the program and we will need to help make her stay interesting and comfortable. Jo informed us that she will be riding for MS again next year and will invite the club to participate in various activities surrounding this project. We are very happy to welcome Glenda back to the club. PP Ian invited her to talk to us as our Rotarian behind the Badge, Vishal, was unable to be with us. Glenda informed us that she came to Rotary by joining the Rotary Club of Moorabbin Central in 1992. She was known then as Glenda Oram and met Warren Stahl who was also a Rotarian in 2004. They were married and subsequently spent 5 years of sailing their 40foot Catamaran all over the eastern coast of Australia and to New Guinea including the Louisiade Archipelago which is at the tail end of Papua New Guinea. She explained that they did not usually spend Winter in Melbourne and had bought in Queensland and were organizing a “downsize” here before returning up North. Glenda continued by saying she had always loved Rotary and had been President of BMC and had also been a DG in our District. When working she had had a business in Human Resource Management and looked at her time with our club as a time of Fellowship and Giving. Glenda thanked us for welcoming her back and hoped to be able to contribute. Their new home was in a small township called Cardwell between Townsville and Cairns and that both she and Warren were heavily involved in that community. Thank you Glenda for “filling” us in and we look forward to your summers here in Melbourne sharing life with us. Pres. Geoff welcomed Glenda and thanked the club especially those members who had taken care of Jade and reminded us to be involved with Clemence when she joins us. He continued by informing us that there had been a Board Meeting the night before. He talked of challenges to do with budgets, the market and finances being down. He talked of physical alterations that needed to be attended to and reminded us that our Market was a unique fund-raiser and needs to be looked after. Pres. Geoff suggested that we need to extend ourselves and we should look beyond the market and stressed that we need to be comfortable with opportunities of Fund Raising and that we need to keep testing the board. We need to keep in mind Pres. Geoff’s request on Changeover Night that we should respect each other and treat each other as One Rotarian to another. We all recognize the white envelopes handed to us by Treasurer Ron informing us that our membership dues need to be attended to.  Kevin requested that he needs photos for our club Facebook page. Sergeant Tim always making us laugh for our foibles managed to extract money from us. Pres. Geoff again asked us to share ideas, and thanked Eva and Alex for having us. Coincidently this wonderful couple’s restaurant offers fine Hungarian Cuisine and Rotarians who have already supported them will vouch how tasty their food is. The subject of Tony Grusd’s presentation on the 18th is “March of the Living” and will be an important talk and well worth-while to attend. In closing, Pres. Geoff wished us a good week and reminded us that ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD.

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)

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