Club Meeting June 27 2018 First Meeting for the year


It was 6 degrees outside but the warmth of our first meeting after Changeover as our members greeted each other and the welcoming atmosphere at The Buckingham made the very early start to our day well worthwhile. Jo was our smiling efficient Chairperson, calling on Alan to give us Invocation and asking Tony G to present the Loyal Toast.

Grant took us closer to home for our International Toast in fact only approximately 2,000-1500 km East of Australia. New Zealand‘s History dates back to 1250-1300 when it was discovered by Polynesians who developed a distinct Maori culture centred on kinship links and land. The first European to navigate was Abel Tasman who named the land Staten Land Nova Zeeland. In 1769 James Cook anglicised the name to New Zealand. The country became a colony of Great Britain in 1841 and gained Independence in 1947 still keeping the Queen as Head of State. Auckland is the largest city and original capital. Wellington became the capital in 1865 to prevent the South Island from becoming a separate colony. Maketu is the centre of the Bay of Plenty so named because when Captain Cook needed supplies on his travels there were great fresh supplies to be found there. It is also one of the early sights of Polynesian immigration. We were asked to raise our glasses to the President Julie Crossley and the Members of the Rotary Club of Maketu, New Zealand. The Club was chartered 13th December 2005 with 24 members and is in District 2005. Grant advised us with delight that we had received a response from the Rotary Club of Castelo, Portugal. Thank you Grant for taking us once again to an interesting country and we are pleased when we get wishes from our International friends.

We welcomed Martin Utteridge and Margaret Lucas and were pleased to see them in the club again. As is customary in the club the actual change of President does not take place until the 30th June so it was Pres. Peter who took the floor in order to present the Certificates of Service to the 2 people who had been unable to attend Changeover.  The Director of Youth Services and Vocation (Glen Eira, Kingston and Bayside), Peter G on receiving his certificate thanked his team who he said made up a brilliant team and special thanks to Alan and Helen. He stated that Individuals make things happen. The second person to receive the certificate was Helen. Helen told us that this special appreciation meant much to her as being an active person she was enjoying Rotary so very much and found being a member of a great club enabled her to be truly involved. Karin’s apologies were made as we were meeting too far away on this occasion to allow her to get to work in Heidelberg in time. Terry who travels from St Aubins! to be with wanted to say a thank you for her PHF and was overcome with the honour. We received a thank you card and letter, via PML, from the Monash Vision Group.

New Pres Ian repeated his thanks and delight on our successful and enjoyable Changeover night and once again thanked Linda for her work. He talked of the Student Exchange program and informed us we are Host Club to Jade (with an acute accent over the “e”) Jade come s from Brazil and arrives 31st July. We need to make sure to help make this a Cultural exchange as opposed to a vacation and involve her in Interact as well as music experiences. Pres Ian wants us to have fun but needs us to be mindful of the speakers and show respect while they are presenting.  He will introduce heavy fines for those whose phoned ring during meetings understanding that emergencies will be taken into account, Ian would like to organise the committees as soon as possible and reminded us there was an email for us to show preferences wherever possible.  He thanked Peter L for his work already done for the next few months on our morning Speaker Program. He would like to reintroduce the Person behind the badge. Sergeant Tim was back again to fine us without fail starting with a “derr” joke. Thus ended our first meeting for 2018/17 with laughter and remembering we should BE THE INSPIRATION

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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