Club Meeting March 11 2020 Colin Tyrus


BULLETIN EDITOR, IAN, was our charming Chairperson on a glorious but chilly morning with a beautiful sunrise that chased the darkness and the bright full moon away. He invited Glenda to give us Invocation and Sue to present the Loyal, Royal Toast. Grant took us to Noumea, New Caledonia for the toast to an International Club. New Caledonia is an island group comprising of many islands in the South West Pacific and is part of the sub-region of Melanasia. The closest neighbours are Vanuatu and Fiji. The main island is Grande Terre which is surrounded by a massive Barrier Reef. Other islands are the Loyalty Islands consisting of Ouvea, Lifou, Tiga, Mare and Belep Islands consisting of Ile Pott and Ile d’Art and Ile des Pins. The land known as New Caledonia separated from the land called Australia about 66M YA reaching its present position about 50M YA the area being about 1/3 of Tasmania. The capital is Noumea. The earliest human presence dates back toc.1600 BC to c. 500 AD. Captain James Cook was the first European to arrive in 1774. He named it “New Caledonia” because the northeast of the island reminded him of Scotland. The 1840s-1880s was time of the source of the Kanak “Blackbirds”. “Blackbirding” was the coercion of people through deception and/or kidnapping to work as unpaid or poorly paid laborers in countries far from their native land. Most of the Kanaks were sent to Queensland or Fiji as cane-cutters. Emperor Napoleon lll annexed New Caledonia a colony of France in 1853. In 1946 the country became an overseas territory and in1953 French Citizenship was granted to all New Caledonians. Europeans bought diseases such as smallpox and measles which caused the deaths of many natives. The Kanak population declined from about 60,000 in 1878 to 27,000 in 1921. The French established a depot called Port-de-France and in 1864, convicts arrived from France forming a Penal colony in 1864. The name of that depot was changed to Noumea. Transportation of convicts ceased in 1897. 67% of the population of New Caledonia resides in Noumea. New Caledonia is well known for its palm-lined beaches and marine-life-rich lagoon which is among the world’s largest. Since 1910 Nickel mining has been the major industry for both New Caledonia and Noumea. Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Dominique Pestre-Roire and the members of the Rotary Club of Noumea Ouen Toro New Caledonia, District 9910 which comprises of 42 clubs from Auckland, New Zealand to Vanuatu, a distance of 2,500km. The club has many projects such a swimming lessons for children during school holidays, July Go-Kart Fund Raising Competition and in participating in community events such as the yearly women’s race to support The League Against Breast Cancer. The club meets at Restaurant Le Bout du Monde, Tuesday 11.45am. Thank you Grant for finding us such a sunny and busy club. You always amaze us with your extensive and interesting research. Ian then welcomed our visitors, Colin Tyrus our Guest Speaker, Peter Nolan and Clemence, our Exchange Student from France. He then called Pres. Geoff to the rostrum. Pres. Geoff began by telling us how wonderful it is to do good things for the club especially officially a new member to the club. He then invited Peter Nolan to the front. He proceeded to read the official introduction and Karin helped by handing him the Rotary badge to be presented to Peter. Peter’s classification is “Engineer off Property” We gave Peter a standing ovation after which he informed us that this was the second club he belonged to, the first being the Rotary Club of “Luyang” Kota Kinabalu Sabah East Malaysia. He was 2 years in the club and felt he got to understand a lot about Rotary. Peter said he was very proud to be here as he had attended here at Moorabbin Tech in the days before it had become Holmsglen Tafe. He was back in Australia permanently, living in South Caulfield. Pres. Geoff thanked Karin for the work in preparing for this important occasion. We then were invited to partake of an amazing breakfast overloaded with sumptuous food such as pancakes, and savory, compote of berries, poached eggs, button mushrooms, bacon, sausages and tomatoes. A great feast indeed and we need to thank the chef and his kitchen helpers, Tony and Sossi.  Pres. Geoff reminded us that we need to prepay for our MS Dinner. Unfortunately, as the bulletin reporter lost the article into cyber space and therefore needed to rewrite her report, we now know that due to the coronavirus our event on the 19th March has been postponed. Therefore, when we do this event, when the world is a safer position, all the finance and the venue is already in place. What a shame! The bike ride has been postponed too but the money raised will still be welcome to MS. The goal had been $5,000 and the amount of $2,449 has already been attained. Well done Jo. Ron needed to remind us that directors need to get the forms for funding requests. The club would like to wish Greg a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope this year will be a healthy and fulfilled one. May all your aspirations begin to come true! Our Guest Speaker Colin Tyrus is an energetic man with years of experience in the world of Radio Journalism with an amazing voice. We hear his voice on Yarra Trams and had actually driven one! He began his life as a journalist for the Scout magazine called Kanyanya Times and the Noble Park High School “Hoot” paper.  In his early career he had applied for Journalism cadetships but his first job was Junior administrative officer with the Camberwell City Council before transferring to Springvale Council while still attempting to break into journalism.  His first media job was in a journalism cadetship with “Dandenong News” where he covered everything from police news to courts and councils. Colin made sure to mention that he had fantastic mentors. When he joined 3AW he was a “C Grade journalist, thrown into the “deep end” but also worked with great stars. His next position was to move to Sydney 2GB (873AM). This was a key station of Macquarie Network and was the State Political Reporter. He was on the site of the Hilton Hotel bombing 13th February1978! His first impression was complete carnage.  In 1979 won the Walkley Award while being Journalist/Newsreader, State Political Reporter with 3XY.Continuing his career through the years he was with 2UW, Sydney, 5DN 972 with the catch phrase When Adelaide Needs to Know, then back to Melbourne with 3AW in 1986. Once again he was the reporter for the Slaughter in Hoddle St. In 1991 again in Sydney he was head of the Radio News with ABC before returning to new studios in Bank St, South Melbourne as news director, breakfast news, presenter and editor with a program team. Returning to ABC 774 he did the drive program with Virginia Trioli. Colin also worked with Red Symons, Andrew Denton, Tim Sauer, Anne Fulwood, and Murray Nicoll. The Walkley Award is presented to recognize and reward excellence in journalism. ABC Melbourne on Twitter said “Colin Tyrus is a triple award winning Walkley Journalist”.   Colin retired in July 2016 and now volunteers on the community Radio Southern FM 88.3 where we can listen to him, Mondays at 9am. How lucky and privileged were we in being able to listen to his story and adventures at our Rotary Club. We were a captive audience and we thank you, Colin for your time and for coming to our meeting so early in the morning. Kevin talked of the Market Strategy meeting and asked for new members to volunteer and help with action items and exciting process. Sergeant Tim did his thing and fined the men for International Women’s Day. He always is the last item on our morning agenda and always makes us laugh thereby ending the meeting in high humor. Pres Geoff closed the meeting wishing us a good week and reminding us that ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD Zilla

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