Club Meeting March 18 2020 Fare Share


Chair was Kevin Davidson, Larry Green led us in the Invocation and Sue Leoliger proposed the Loyal Toast.

President Geoff then informed members that, at the Board meeting on 17/3/20, it has been decided to cease market operations and our weekly meetings till further notice, due to the corona virus crisis.

Ian Ballantine advised members that he will continue to publish the Bulletin, which is an avenue for communication while meetings are in recess. This should eliminate the need for numerous emails which may occur. Therefore any member who wishes to share information or news can direct them to Ian who will include them in our weekly bulletin.

Our guest speaker this morning is Marcus Godinho, from Fare Share.

He began by thanking members of the club as RCBMC has been long-standing supporters of Fare Share. He shared an update and some current activities and stats with us.

Food Bank research reveals that 1 in 5 Australians, at some stage during the year, is likely to run out of food and cannot afford the next meal. Meals on Wheels have noticed that their elderly clients had reduced their weekly orders form 5 meals to 3 due to unaffordability. Fare Share has therefore stepped in to supplement those meals.

Fare Share prepares 60 thousand meals per week and its running cost is $20,000.00 per day. This is despite having 200 volunteers per day working in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Fare Share started in Brisbane as a result of an approach for help by Food Bank in Brisbane. It was unable to manage the perishable food donated to them. $5m was raised to erect and established a facility to cook food for distribution. It now cooks approximately 3,000 meals per week.

The focus of Fare Share is on cooking nutritious meals. It works in collaboration with Food Bank and other organisations with fresh food for cooking. The cooked food is then provided to agencies to distribute to people who have fallen on hard times. Meals cooked by Fare Share contain 2/3 the average intake of a nutritious meal.

International Toast

The International Toast this week is to the Rotary Club of Encarnacion Norte in the Republic of Paraguay.

The current President is Gonzalez de Mestral. It is in District 4845 and was chartered on 6/2/1971 and has 20 members. It sponsors an Interact and a Rotaract club. Some of its projects are fundraising for the Encarnacion Disability Assistance Centre and organising Fun Runs to raise money for Rotary Polio Eradication.

The Republic of Paraguay is a land locked country bordered by Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. It has a population of 7.2million. It was first settled by Indians in 500 AD but was conquered and claimed by the Spaniards in the 16th century. In 1810 revolts against the Royalists government began and on 12/10/1813, the Republic of Paraguay was proclaimed.

Encarnacion is a city located in the south of Paraguay on the border with Argentina. It is the tourism capital of the country because of its wide beaches along the Parana River.

The Rotary Club meets on Friday evenings at 8.30pm ay Casa de la Amistad.

Notes provided by Margaret Mason

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