Club Meeting May 15th 2019 Favourite Sayings


JO was our beautiful Chairperson last week to a very tiny but happy member-crowd, with many apologies from absentees. We were greeted as usual with the wonderful coffee prepared for us by the ever-cheerful Sossi and Tony. This is very much appreciated.  Grant apologized as his whole communications system broke down, so no International Club Toast Presentation and Guest Speaker Taylah Blithe sent her apologies due to illness. Jo invited Alan to give us Invocation and Grant presented us the Loyal, Royal Toast. Congratulations to John L on the birth of his first Grandchild/Grandson and we wish you will have much joy. We wish Terry a Very Happy Birthday and success in all that you do and that the year ahead holds much fun and pleasure. As there were no more formalities Jo invited us to an early breakfast. With such a relaxed atmosphere John M stated that Melbourne had a win with 1 point. He further stated that Melbourne is the oldest Football club in the world and that the 1 point could make sure that the team would play in the finals! It is Melbourne and Football Season after all! This started the ball rolling and a batch of members’ sayings came into play. Peter O’B quipped “The older you get the more health you need”, while Jo continued this theme by saying “Those who do not make time for excise need to make time for ill-health. Tony R stated “If die I must: Let me die drinking in an inn”. Liz pronounced “We are all different, followed by John L “What’s new if you really think about it…Life is! Margaret L was profound by sayingIf it is to be: it is up to me. Charles R stated “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and PE. Geoff pronounced “Do unto others as you do to you”! Paul philosophically stated in his dry manner “Reap as you sow”. Ron’s favorite sayings are “Everyone is a winner”! and “Always look on the bright side of Life”. Neville laughingly quoted “Don’t worry- Be happy” and Tim L became serious as he said “Persistence overcomes resistance.” Peter G. thoughtfully wrote in Ivrit but translated, “If you want it to happen, it will happen!” Faye said, she always says “Ken is a Good Man!” and another saying came as “You may be right but I am watching you!” Time came for PE. Geoff to inform us that he and Larry would be attending the MBA breakfast with David Robinson of the Bendigo Bank as the Key-note speaker talking about a different tilt on “Dry Economics”. He reminded us that Changeover is on Saturday 29th June at Woodlands. He further informed us that District seminar is 19th May and we would have had a chance to still come. Geoff Gartly advised us that SES always need extra funds so a fundraiser will occur and Rotary is asked to wear Orange on the day. Helen added her saying “Well actually” and thanked us in advance for the support for the Movie post-afternoon to be held on Sunday 17th. Further o this she again told us how well Jade is doing at school She finishes her exchange in July and will return to Brazil. There is no more school on her return but will need to do an entrance exam at the end of the year to go to University where she wants to do International Law. Alan is looking for volunteers for Bike Ed. The dates and shifts are Thursday 23rd May with shifts, 9.30, 11.15 and 1.15; Friday 24th May with shifts,9.30, 11.15 and 1.15; Wednesday 26th June with shifts 9.30, 11.15 and 1.15 and Tuesday 27th June with one shift at 9.30. Please notify Alan as to when you are available. Sergeant Tim talked football, Meteor showers, moldy property, the aircraft that landed without front wheels and drought affecting vegies such as Brussel sprouts and losing lots of disendorsed candidates calling the whole thing “Electile Dysfunction.” He also talked of democracy sausages. All this to be able to fine us all. We hope that our absent Pres. Ian is enjoying the trip. Jo closed the meeting wishing us a good week and to BE THE INSPIRATION

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)

Thanks Jo Impey for photos (Ed)


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