Club Meeting May 29th 2019 Cordon Bleu Breakfast


This morning of May 29th was the coldest morning Melbourne has experienced for many years, however the atmosphere at Cilantro was anything but. With an amazing display of food fit for Royalty our club dined on Bircher muesli, freshly baked croissants, rolls and fruit with a choice of exotic egg and salmon, salami, cherry tomato composition as well as mushrooms, scrambled eggs. The chef and his students from the Cordon Bleu Cookery class out-did themselves. It was such a treat. Greg explained that this class was at the level of Certificate 4 and had done 6 months in the industry and the subject was to prepare a Cordon Bleu Buffet Breakfast. The staff and students had been working on this since 3.00am!! PE Geoff Gledhill was our Chairperson this week. He called upon Peter G to give us Invocation and Greg presented the Loyal, Royal toast. This week Grant took us to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an Island country in the Indian Ocean, South West of the Bay of Bengal and to the South Est of the Arabian Sea. It is separated from the Indian subcontinent by the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait. Sri Lanka lies on the Indian tectonic plate. The area is 65,000square km and the population is 22,000,00. Pre-historic settlements date to at least 125,000 years and the country’s documented history spans 3,000 years. Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka) was founded 900 BC. The Portuguese arrived in Colombo in 1505 and were forced out by the Dutch in 1658. The Entire island as united under British administration in 1833 but British rule ended 4/2/1948. The largest city in Sri Lanka is Colombo with a population of 6,000,000. The capital is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte and was made as such in 1982. (Nearly the whole room was surprised as we always thought Colombo was the capital!) Kandy is a mountain city 96km North East of Colombo and was established 1357-1474. It has a population of 126,000. Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Ranjith Gunathilake and the members of the Rotary Club of Kandy, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The club belongs to District 3220 which also includes the Maldives and was chartered 24th September 1941. The club meets at the Grand Kandyan Hotel, Wednesday 6.30 pm. The club has many projects and has sponsored 2 Rotaract Clubs and 22 Interact clubs, the oldest at Trinity College Kandy, 30th September 1978 and the latest, Green Hill International School, 23rd October 2018. A very busy club indeed. Thank you Grant for taking us there on such an interesting “trip”. Pres. Ian welcomed Tony G. back from his and told us he was pleased to be back as well. In told us that he with Helen had spent 6 days in Europe and 6 days in Edinburgh including the Motor GP in Le Mans which was very exciting. He then invited Greg to the podium. He repeated how beautiful and astonishing the food was for breakfast. The Report began with the description of this amazing accomplishment of the Cordon Bleu Students’ work. Forgot to mention the outstanding chocolate work of art on the hot food buffet table with the special glass top hot serveries. Again Stunning and congratulations to Greg in being in charge of the cookery school. Thank you Greg for giving us the privilege of enjoying the results of their work. Ian will include photos of what was prepared. Ian continued as a follow up of the work that the Rotary Club of Kandy to explain the difference between Rotaract and Interact clubs. Rotaract clubs encourage 18 year olds to become members and are able to stay until the age of 35 when often they become members of a Rotary club. Grant is a fine example of this experience. Interact clubs are formed at secondary schools with children between the ages of 12-18 years. Rotary clubs such as ours with clubs at McKinnon Secondary College can energize and inspire young leaders and encourage them to become responsible global citizens.  We did not have an invited keynote speaker in order to have a chance to hear PE Geoff who will advise us of some of the plans for us in the coming year. He began by personally delivering each of us with a bright yellow envelope with a rotary badge seal The envelope contained the invitation of Changeover which is on Saturday 29th June 2019 6.30 pm at woodlands Golf Club 109 White St, Mordialloc 3195.  We are asked to RSVP by 25th of June and that we can pre-pay on 5th June and definetely before the changeover.  Please advise of dietary needs when replying to Linda O’B. Geoff continued by handing us all a draft of suggested Directors and teams of service. He stressed it was “only” a draft and if any member would like to change position we would be welcome to advise him. He also emphasized that we are a club and we should all be involved. One of the biggest changes he thought would be that he feels strongly about supporting the Indigenous Community. He looks for support where good decisions can be made. He reminded us of the importance of Work with Children card should be held by all of us. Geoff stated that Rotary is the focus. He finished by thanking all who had helped him with his draft and once again emphasized it was only a draft and any member who wished to change could. Jo wished to sow us a booklet from Glen Eira advising us of 3 points advising us of happenings in the Council Community. 1) Story Telling Festival, 2) The New Community Garden, the address being the old Secondary College Bignall Rd, 3) The new web site for Glen Eira. Jo has booklets that we can collect from her. Geoff Gartly wished to acknowledge the clubs enthusiastic support of SES the previous week and congratulated Julie on winning the champagne raffle. Sergeant Tim did his thing and probably it is a good thing that Melbourne is AFL country so many excuses to fine us is made possible through that interest.  We are saddened by the passing of PDG John Glenn. He was an astounding Rotarian, an enthusiastic and committed member to all Rotary factions and who gave so much support to our club and many of our members. We grieve for Val his wife who also gave so much to the Rotary cause. RIP.  Pres Ian closed the meeting asking us to BE THE INSPIRATION

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)

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