Club Meeting November 13 2019 Envision


Sergeant Tim had trouble getting order at the start as members were all busy talking! When he did achieve attention he introduced Chairman Margaret Mason who welcomed members, and visitors Sue Leoringar, Clemence, our new outgoing Exchange Student Loretta and her mother Liz; also guest speaker Sean Teer. Neville K gave the Invocation, and John M proposed the Loyal Toast to the Queen and Australia.

Grant’s International Toast was to the Rotary Club of Lusaka Metro in Zambia and President Chisebwe Fumbeshi. The Club is fairly new, chartered in June ’18, but has 43 members. The history of Zamabia is tied up with Cecil Rhodes and mining adventures , David Livingstone and the Victoria Falls. Development started with the Chartered  South Africa Company in 1889, with names of Zambesia and Northern Rhodesia before becoming Zambia in 1964. Lusaka is the Capital.

Sean Teer started ‘Envision Employment in 2002 and they have placed over 3,000 young people into employment, and others in work experience. In conjunction with RC Wyndham they have commenced collecting plastic bottle tops (type 2 and 4 from food and drink containers) which they clean, shred and extrude to make filament like fishing line which is fed into 3D printers to make hands which are used as mobility aids (not prosthetics) mainly for overseas children. Their appeal for one million bottle tops was too successful and they are now buried under 5+ millions. A library of 3D patterns is being developed so that schools or anyone with a 3D printer can make more hands. Envision can supply patterns and filament. Further uses for the recycled plastics include fence posts for farm fencing, and stool tops. They need more 3D printers which can be had for as little as $200 each, but the best ones are $1.200; these can be loaned to schools where students can produce the components. Envision also recycle anything they can find…pallets, bikes, clothing, in conjunction with Rotary’s Donations In Kind.

Pres Geoff thanked the 13 members who attended the launch of the outdoor gym, especially the bbq chefs..He presented birthday cards to Helen N, Ian B, Neville K, and the Club badge to Michael B. Helen N presented Loretta with a Club shirt and banners, Alan K sought volunteers for Market duty on the 24th November for the extended hours of the Bentleigh Festival. Margaret plugged the Christmas Cakes and Puddings (get your orders in), Jo spoke about a pamphlet she circulated re people touched by suicide; volunteers required for the sausage sizzle on November 24th,. There was some uncertainty about the market roster; hopefully Paul F will resolve this. Geoff closed the meeting and Margaret reminded us that Rotary Connects the World.

notes by John Mason

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