Club Meeting November 6 2019 Terry Kane Rotarian behind the Badge


Vishal was our Chairperson on this day. Vishal is one of our newer members and this was his first time to be Chairperson and he did very, very well. He invited Tony R to give us Invocation and Zilla to present the Loyal, Royal Toast. John M informed us that as Armistice Day (11/11) was just a few days away he read us a poem written by a Canadian talking about the red Poppies of Flanders. “Lest We Forget”. Grant took us to Canada for our International Club toast. Canada is the second largest country by area in the world measuring 10,000,000km square with a population of 38,000,000. 70% live within 100km of the southern border. It comprises of ten provinces and three territories. Manitoba is a southern central province of Canada bordered by Saskatchewan and Ontario. The capital is Ottawa and the largest city is Toronto. When the glaciers began to melt in 14,000 BC, humans were able to move to Siberia and into Canada and beyond. In 1497. The Genovese navigator John Cabot landed into Newfoundland claiming the land for England. In 1534, Jacques Cartier claims the Gaspe Peninsula for France. In 1763, after the Seven Years War, France ceded most of its in North America colonies to Great Britain. The Dominion of Canada was created by the union of four British North American colonies in 1867 and became a sovereign state in 1982. Manitoba is one of three prairie provinces along with Alberta and Saskatchewan and has a population of 1.4 million with an area of 650,00km square which comprises of 102,000km2 or 16% water while the land measures 548,000km2. The capital is Winnipeg. Thompson is the largest city in the northern region of Manitoba and is situated along the Burntwood River and has a population of approximately 12,000. It was founded in 1956 as a mining town for nickel production. Nickel has declined and Thompson is now a major provider of goods and services to the surrounding communities. It is 761 km north of Winnipeg. It is home to   Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Sandra Ross-Hitch and the members of the Rotary Club of Thompson. Grant showed a photo of Sandra carrying the Canada Summer Games torch relay. The Club was chartered 7th June 1961 and has 24 members who meet at the Meridian Hotel on Tuesday 8:00am. Highland Tower the photograph that Grant chose in his presentation is the most prominent building in the Thompson skyline and depicts the Spirit Way wolf mural. Thank you Grant for once again enthralling us with yet another interesting country and Rotary club. Pres. Geoff welcomed Sue back to our breakfast club. This is her 4th visit. He again reminded us of the importance to attend the official launch of the Linton St Adult Exercise park and asked that we should notify other members if unable to attend to our rostered morning duties.  Congratulations go to Ian who once again became a Grandfather! We also welcome Liz and Vishal back after their holidays away. The Guest Speaker for the day was none other than our beautiful Terry Kane. Terry who speaks at huge Charity functions which organizes began by saying to us “where should I start”! Terry has 2 sons aged 24 and 29 and has 3 sisters and 1 brother. Terry comes from South Philippine and was raised on a farm which grew corn and rice. She did not know anything about money and as humble an upbringing as her family was, the farm provided everything.  She stated you can survive without money but if sick and going to school in town you need money. The family worked hard but it is a poor country and in spite of this terry always felt lucky. She like other girls planned to get marry and thought she might when she turned 30. Life planned otherwise but married at 25 and came to Australia in 1985. Her first job was with Myer where she is still until today! Terry said that Myer is really good to work for and looked after her when she had her family. Her passion is charity and as soon as she had spare time she would help with the underprivileged in the Philippines.  When her children were older, Terry started with a friend a charity called “Share Me A Dream Australia”. Share Me a Dream Australia, is a non-profit organization based in Melbourne, raising money through local charity events to fund various surgical missions and other situations in need such as a primary school that was totally swept away by a Typhoon. A relief operation as this one she arranged for food to be given to the residents. The main surgical procedures are for cleft lip and palate where the younger the children are the better the outcome, as the children can learn to talk and learn language easier. Some patients are as 6 hours away and come from very remote villages. The doctors give their time and there are many volunteers to help. Terry showed many photographs of the work done and explained as an example of what she does that an Air Force plane was used for a 2-hour flight to bring equipment to a remote island. She showed photos of their 4th Surgical Mission where there were 2 rooms; 1 for Hernia and Thyroid and 1 for cleft Lip and Palate operations took place. The 18 surgeons are all specialists 6 female and 12 males. The next mission will be on the 22nd,23rd November but as there is not enough equipment these amazing specialists have to make do with what is there and achieve fantastic results. Some of the charities that Share Me A Dream Support are 1) School of the Blinds 2) Immaculate heart of Mary, Home for the Sick, Old Abandoned, Destitute and Dying 3) Missionaries of Charity, with Orphanages, Home for the Sick and malnourished Children, 4) Free Cataract operations.  She told us that our Rotary Club of Bentleigh Moorabbin Central had contributed 50 chairs and tables and Computers.  So Why become a Rotarian? Terry used to see Rotary Clubs in the Philippines and saw Rotarians helping people and having fun. So she felt when her friend now a former member invited her, she jumped at the chance.  Terry travels by herself to the various sites and is very particular as to whom she chooses to become partners in the various missions. She only gives the money raised to those who do the “right” thing. Her partners are Maharlika Charity Foundation, Rotary Club of Maramag and the Rotary Club of South Davao. She insists that the patients and families who travel so far for procedures have the same food and accommodation standards that she expects for herself. Volunteers need to pare for their own fares. This enthusiastic member, Terry, lives in St Albans and without a car travels by train, catching the 5:30 am to be able to attend a meeting by 7:00am many mornings. She then travels to the city to work. Terry is also a most enthusiastic Market participator and often fills in when others cannot fill their commitments. She often says how lucky she is to be living in Australia and we can only say how lucky we are to have this enterprising, cheerful young woman in our club. Thank you Terry for doing all you do and for talking to us giving a small insight of the charity work you do. Sergeant Tim closed the meeting after collecting many “fines” in his cheerful inimitable way. We should remember ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD.  Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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