Club Meeting October 23 2019 Community Policing



Margaret L was our Chairperson on the day and welcomed our visitors, Tim L’s friend Sue Loeliger, from Healy House, and Guest Speaker Sergeant Arran Ferguson. Margaret then invited Jo to give us Invocation and Julie to present the Loyal, Royal toast. Grant took us to Ireland for the International Club Toast.  Ireland is located in North West Europe and is part of the British Isles. To the west is the Northern Atlantic Ocean and to the south is the Celtic Sea which lies between Ireland and Brittany, France. It is separated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea and the North Channel which has a width of 23 kilometers at the narrowest point. During the Ice Age, until about 10,000 BC, most of Ireland was covered by ice. Sea levels were lower and Ireland, like Great Britain formed part of the Continental Europe. Melting ice in 16000 BC caused Ireland to separate from Great Britain. (Historical Global Warming?) The earliest human presence in Ireland is dated 10,500 BC. Continental occupation of the island began in 8,000BC. The Norman invasion began in 1169. Henry Vlll re-conquered in 1542 and the title King of Ireland was re-established. In 1800 the British and Irish Parliaments both passed the Acts of Union that merged the Kingdoms of Northern Ireland and Great Britain. In 1922 Ireland became a self-governing Dominion called The Irish Free State. The Constitution allowed the Parliament of Northern Ireland to leave after one month. On the 18/04/1949 the Dominion status terminated with the Republic of Northern Ireland Act 1948, creating the Republic of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland has an area of 70,273 km2 and a population of approximately 5,000,000. The capital is Dublin. Limerick is the third largest city and is the capital of Limerick County with a population 0f 91,000. It was founded in 812 AD, on the Shannon River and at the head of Shannon Estuary and is 176 km South West of Dublin. Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Daphne and the members of the Rotary Club of Limerick Shannon, Republic of Ireland. The club has sponsored. It was an Interact Club. It was chartered in July 1963 and has 12 members who meet on Mondays at 1:00pm at the Greenhills Hotel. Thank you Grant for this adventure. The Irish members of our club very much enjoyed your presentation as did we all. The breakfast prepared by Rina and fellow helpers was a magnificent feast and the coffee served by Tony and Sossi in the morning as we arrived was most welcome. A big THANK YOU from the members and visitors. Pres. Geoff welcome us all and informed us of a “Thank you” letter received from the RDA, saying how rewarding it is to be recognized. He reminded us of the Launch of the LINTON STREET PLAYGROUND & ADULT SENIORS EXCERCISE CENTRE on Saturday 9th November from 12:00pm-2:00pm. He also reminded us of the BBQ for the Toy Library, 27th October. Pres. Geoff continued to inform us that he and Linda O’B met with the Timorese Education Minister. They found it interesting to learn about the differences between there and here in the educational needs. Linda thinks that there are 3 containers from Donations-in-Kind to go from Victoria to Timor-Leste with useful equipment. Tony R thanked Neville for the information re the By-laws and Standing Orders of the club that he sent to us all. Tony continued with the rules and methodology required for voting and nominations for officers of the club especially for President, President Elect and President Nominee. The AGM is on November 27th 2019. Our Guest Speaker, Sergeant Arran Ferguson is about experience with all things operational policing, mental health crisis response, emergency management, proactive policing in the community and recently developing the new role of Divisional Well Ring Coordinator in Southern Metro Division 2. He spends a lot of in the community with public speaking commitments this year as local police sergeant and Winner of Bayside Citizen of the Year. He has a very strong voice and had no need of the microphone as he explained that the Moorabbin Proactive Policing unit is a community oriented unit of 1) Youth Resource Officers, 2) Crime Prevention Officers and 3) District Firearms Officer. There is a current staff of 6 and with a shortage of staff he hopes to be able to increase the number. The police do very good work in the community and as his presentation stated: GREATER CONNECTION BUILDS A BETTER COMMUNITY.  To be able to this the police is trying to modernize their methods and there is no better way than to talk to the right people, to get the right connections and should know what is going on in in the area, especially with the youth. There is so much red tape which makes it difficult and frustrating. There are many horror stories. There should be consultation with local communities, to be able to conduct analysis of crime trends and liaise with the vulnerable victims. He continued to say how important it is to maintain and strengthen relationships with local governments and community group services., to conduct lectures and provide advice on a range of security issues including personal safety, dealing with aggressive behavior, retail loss. Arran talked of armed robbery giving us some alarming gun ownership details and the importance of business and home and vehicle security. Again he gave alarming facts of car robberies stating that if nothing of value is kept in a locked car nothing will be stolen. He told us that 80% of cars are unlocked and have valuables left in them. He talked of the importance of Neighbourhood watch that helps in deterring the fear of crime and helps in educating and the improving of personal and household safety and makes the community a safer place. The important new idea that Sergeant Arran told us is the obtain a trailer that can be equipped with professional displays with video and speakers that can be used for various members of the community especially youth who could be occupied while parents are being interviewed. His unit has been involved with events such as heroin incidents and missing children.  Sergeant Ferguson had so much to impart to us and we had so much to learn that the time seemed to fly much too quickly. Thank you for coming to talk to us and as Rotarians we are always interested to hear of new and connecting ideas and the work that the police do for us to keep us safe. Sergeant Tim always seem to catch us unawares to extract fines. He did say something important by confirming something about the assignation of the English language. It is astounding that even News readers mike fundamental grammar mistakes! A rare cross fine to the sergeant was made when he confused South African members with the Irish!! Good one Tim!  The Meeting closed reminding us that ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD    Zilla Roth

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