Exchange Student Clemence Welcome August 22 2019


Last Thursday 22nd August, we had a most wonderful evening to enjoy and to partake of delicious Cordon Bleu French cooking prepared by 9 cookery students well on their way of their course and 8 front of house students who have almost finished the course and who waited on us superbly! Geoff Gartly was MC and the room was decorated with French flags and serviettes. Clemence Vandercruyssen was introduced to us and we all introduced our friends and partners. There was a very relaxed atmosphere. Clemence was quizzed by Pres. Geoff and her Mentor Julie so that we could learn a little more about our charming Exchange Student. Clemence comes from a tiny village not far from Lille and the Belgian border. She has 2 sisters aged 23 and 26 and 2 cats. We learnt that while she is used to the cold, and Melbourne is cold at the moment she really dislikes the cold. Clemence told us she loves learning languages and had learnt English at school and looked forward to learning a new one here in Australia. Clemence aims to become an Environmental Engineer. We finished the evening with a game of Trivial Pursuit. The questions were asked in French and the translations delivered by our Trivial Pursuit Guru Larry. We had good fun, an amazing meal and most of all good fellowship. Perfect. Thank you Greg, Emily and the Chef-in-charge for this perfection


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