Virtual Meeting 15th April 2020


It was encouraging to note that a few more members managed to “Zoom” and join the meeting this morning. However the numbers did not increase as they replaced the members who joined the meeting last week but not this week. Zilla stated that she had trouble getting the ID accepted and so conveyed her apologies. It was especially pleasing to have Clemence join us all the way from France where the local time was past midnight Tuesday night. Geoff Gartley again chaired the meeting and informed members that Rotarians from other clubs including some from overseas “tapped” into the meeting via Facebook.

President Geoff addressed members and said that as there was no alternative for keeping in touch, we should look at the positives in this learning/experiencing of different channels of communication. He thanked everyone for  getting outside their “comfort zone” and participating. Geoff Gartley was also thanked for making this possible. President Geoff said that he will work with Geoff Gartley to organise formal proceedings for subsequent meetings and possibly hand over hosting to another member.

Kevin Davidson provided an update from the market strategy sub committee. Approval was granted by Commonwealth Bank for us to use their walls (on Bent Street and in Coles car park) to put up signs for the market. The sub committee is now working on words for the signage which will incorporate both the Rotary market and the Commonwealth Bank. Kevin also advised that he will use the Facebook page for the market to post donations that we have given out. Hopefully this sharing of information will get exposure for the market during this time. Kevin also thanked Jo Impey for the “Food for Change” information. Alan Kempton said that he and Ron Brownlees are looking at running a virtual market on Sundays from 9am to 12 noon using links for people who want to be involved to keep the market activity going.

Clemence said that she is well and happy to be back with her family. She is not bored with the lockdown in France. She keeps busy doing gardening, going for walks and bike riding. France is on lockdown till 11 May 2020. A video from Clemence showing  her time in Australia was played for all members to see. It is a truly amazing production and beautifully presented. Congratulations to Clemence who also said that her experiences in the 8 months she was with us was unforgettable.

Jo Impey advised that the Community committee is currently “in recess’ However she may try contacting groups that have received donations so as to maintain some form of continuity. Helen Nodrum “modelled” a face mask which she received by special delivery from Faye Weeks. Faye is making these masks on order at $10.00 each. They are all custom made and all proceeds will go to the club Tim Moran said that he will try to arrange a guest speaker to do a presentation on mental health of students from the school’s perspective. He indicated that the students may need help now rather than when the situations returns to normal. Helen Nodrum indicated that there is a balance of $6K in the youth budget for this Rotary year and the Board may want to decide what to so with the funds. Ian Ballantine commented that we need to be aware that currently the income is zero as the market is not operating. Alan Kempton said that he is working on a roster which will be implemented when the market resumes. He also indicated that there is no money and that we may have to ”dip” into our reserves.

President Geoff said that he is planning a virtual Board meeting in the next week or 10 days on plans to ensure that the club is providing support on an ongoing basis and on working our way out of the situation depending on what we can and cannot do. Members were given the opportunity to makes comments on their activities during this lockdown period. The meeting closed at approximately 8.30am.

PS Champagne Charlize.  Alex and Eva from Champagne Charlize are doing it tough. I am sure they will appreciate some support from us. It will certainly help if all of us can see our way clear to order some takeaway meals from them. They do pick up, delivery and Uber eats on Monday to Saturdays 3.30pm to 8.30pm. Email On-line
Phone 9557-6500  Uber Eats Download on App

Notes courtesy John and Margaret Mason

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