Zoom Meeting 13th May 2020 Tim Moran


It is always exciting to manage to get on line and see everyone from our club, (25 members) attending on Zoom. Helen was our amazingly efficient host and warmly organized us. Very clever! Pres Geoff welcomed us all and by introduction informed us that a friend had laughed at the idea of having weekly Zoom meetings to keep us together! Won’t work the friend said. Well good on you Pres. Geoff and Geoff Gartly for winning that discussion! We are a strong club and we all enjoy our meetings with excellent speakers. Pres Geoff said there were good discussions through Zoom with board meetings and everyone is facing uncertain financial future keeping in mind the earnings of our market. Last week we heard Tim Moran talk about his position of School Focused Youth Service. School Focused Youth Service (SFYS)is available to support students between Grade 5 and Year 12, who are attending school but are vulnerable to, or showing signs of disengaging from education. This is available to support students across government and independent schools. SFYS can support schools in various ways such as provide opportunities to students to improve their social and emotional skills and therefore develop greater self-esteem and attitudes towards learning and experience success. SYFS works with teacher and support staff to better understand disengaged students. SFYS can work with families to receive additional support to remain engaged in their children’s education. Tim is always enthusiastic in whatever he does and always gains the attention of his audience. Tim joined our Rotary Club in 2009 and during this time has been a very supportive Rotarian. He explained that being a Rotarian is very important to him but his priority must lie with his family and his work. With Tim’s presentation we learnt that SFYS can support 60 schools and provides targeted interventions to schools to at-risk students to remain engaged in education. Some of these programs 1) Drumbeat 2) Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander Art Project 3) Dog Therapy 4) School Transition Program, 5) Student and Parent Support program. Tim finds himself visiting these schools and helps to group wor0k through students and training with teachers and working with Oakleigh Secondary College with a whole range of projects. Pre COVID19 there were $50,000 worth of programs to roll out in terms 2 and 3 however now there are no current programs with most being deferred to term3. There are on-line with DET Health and Wellbeing teams but goals are changing   weekly. Wellbeing key focus now is on Anxiety, Attendance and Parent Support. While the office is closed there is still free and confidential support for young people aged 10-25 years who live, work study or play in the City of Monash. Videos are being create by MYC (Monash Youth Committee) and are being put on Face Book with an online Quiz every Wednesday at 7:30. The   winner receives a $20 prize. There is a Young Women’s Leadership program has been running for 4 years and the Zoom platform is used. To get people to engage digitally is a challenge to be overcome.  and Monash Ambassadors. Tim explained that face-to-face learning and conversations were very important with young people as to be able to read faces and body language can go far in understanding behaviour. Tim also mentioned that RC Glen Waverly has helped Monash health with printed material. In talking of Wellbeing Pres Geoff asked of the power in schools if there were problems of taking children out of the class room. Tim explained that it was a challenge because in Monash the ethnic and strong cultural background makeup of the students often mean that the parents are more keen on education and the families do not want lessons to be interrupted.  Thank you Tim for your wonderful presentation and for giving us the time between your Home-Schooling, taking your younger ones to Day Care and your job. We always find your talks interesting and are impressed and greatly respect what you do.  There was time for a Sergeant Session, however while we could see Sergeant Tim we could not hear him so….

 Next week! Helen advised us that next week we shall have Michael Pengilly, the Mayor of Kangaroo Island and a visit from Tim Wilson MP. In closing Pres. Geoff asked us that if we think of someone we should give call, especially those who are self-isolating. He wished a safe week and remember ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD.

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)

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