Zoom Meeting 22nd April 2020


This week saw an increase in the number of members “zooming” into the meeting. There were some who participated for the first time. Ian Ballantine chaired the meeting and welcomed DG Shia Smart and guest speakers Catherine McDonald from Glen Eira Council and Warrick McDonald, President of the Bentleigh RSL.

President Geoff thanked everyone for participating and also welcomed DG Shia. He reiterated that it was important to continue to meet in this manner and hopefully members will “grow into it” over time. The Board had its first meeting on “zoom” the night before. As the clubs financial position is not normal during this time, Board members have been asked to put together options for discussion at the Board.

President Geoff also encouraged members to keep in touch and reach out to people they know who could be experiencing difficulty as mental health is very important during this difficult period.

Ian Ballantine gave members an update on Alfred Health’s strategies in relation to Covid-19. Catherine McDonald from Glen Eira Council addressed the meeting. Catherine works in the team in the council dealing with the pandemic. The Council has a number of policies in place to address payment of rates and fees and charges for Council tenants. As facilities such as GESAC and libraries are closed, some staff have been stood down but other position have been created to support the  community. Council is developing ideas such as “business mentors” for retraining of some staff.

President Geoff added that most councils are flexible in relation to issues arising from Covid -19

Warrick McDonald, President of Bentleigh RSL gave members a brief summary of what the RSL is doing in relation to Covid-19. Although Bentleigh and Cheltenham RSLs are financially sound, they nevertheless have pulled back on the support for approximately 40 plus local organisations such as youth sport clubs. Plans for expansion are on hold. As there are no community fund raising this year, donations can be made on-line. This is organised through the state service. Warrick gave a run down on plans to honour the service personnel who fought for Australia. All members are encouraged to acknowledge ANZAC Day.

DG Shia Smart told members that 95% of clubs meet on zoom or teleconference. Some clubs even have a “social” after the club meeting. The District Assembly will be conducted on-line this year.

Kevin Davidson provided another update on activities undertaken by the market sub-committee. Larry Green asked John Mason a question regarding the revised constitution and by-laws. The revised constitution was discussed by the Board and  Larry undertook to prepare a comparison with the present Constitution.. When adopted by the Board it will then be presented to members for ratification.

Geoff Gartley advised members that Peter Hitchener will be the guest speaker at our next meeting. Meeting closed at approximately 8.30am.

Notes courtesy John and Margaret Mason

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