Zoom Meeting August 19 2020 Sue Loeliger


WELL! Good morning everyone and as Pres. Geoff said “It is good to see so many her and it is fantastic that so many have “come” to our Zoom meeting. Ian was our cheerful host and as usual had opened early so as we arrived we caught up and shared what we had done through the week. By 7:33 there were already 25 out of 28 participants! Pres. Geoff talked about last week’s speaker, DG Alma Reynolds and how she spoke about changes to Rotary and of the “new normal” due to COVID, thinking that while it is sure to change, it may not. He talked of numbers of people who will not possibly go back to work but continue to work from home. He talked of strategies with small changes but added together could become quite different. Pres. Geoff continued by informing us that Mr. Mitch Fifield, Australia’s Permanent Representative and Australian Ambassador to the United Nations, New York will be able to speak to us and will be happy to do a Q&A. That will be most exciting.

Host Ian then introduced Sue Loeliger as our member behind the badge to tell us all about herself. Sue was inducted into our club in November 20th 2019. As a relatively new member Sue has certainly made her mark. She admitted that she was very nervous but began he talk by telling us that she was born in Melbourne and lived in Mentone with her Mother, Father and Grandma, her Mother’s Mother. When her brother was born they moved to Elwood. She attended school in Elwood and North Caulfield. She met her husband there when she was in Grade 6 and he was in Grade 8. Sue then attended “MacRob” and in her words did well and went on to do Computer Science at RMIT, after which she went on to Morgan Research. It was there that she found that she was really a “People” Person. Sue continued telling us that she started her family very young having 2 babies, Chris and then Jeremy. They lived in Caulfield. They were always a 3 generation family and had her Husband, Peter’s Mother live with them when they moved to Bayside. While the boys were at school Sue took on various roles such as the President of the local Kindergarten, then a pivotal role in Scouts doing lots of camps. She also became involved with the Council of the Central School   and was there when the Government got rid of many Central Schools. Sue then worked with a doctor as a receptionist and also worked with the Navy at Albert Park Barracks. She also did a stint of manufacturing with her brother with Interlinks. It was during this time that Sue answered an advertisement with a Retirement Village; Classic Residences. She thought that it was a secretarial position but it more being involved during the building of Classic Residences. Sue said she loved being there and being able to settle newcomers especially at a time when the village was not yet completed and at times having to find alternative accommodation. She got to know the people very well and even moved in for a while. She was then asked to join 2 more Residences and went to the “Menzies” a multi-plex building to change it to a retirement village. Sue continued by stating she loved being with Residences with the variation of work and managing staff and residents. It was a multi-task job. In 2009 Sue was asked to enter into the competition of Village Manager of the year and won the Victorian Manager of the Year! This was a great honor as managers of residences are not often recognized. She then entered the Nationals and won that too. People said to her that she had changed and had become more confident, not only in the way she spoke and in the way she walked. We were reminded that Sue had admitted she was nervous in having to address us! She gave credit with the other manager in the company. She talked about being involved with accreditation saying it was a lengthy process and became one of the Creditors who went from village to village and onto Ethics in the villages. Sue now is with Healy Residences and is Sales and Club Manager. She was there from “scratch” and had to re-establish the village. Now she is looking forward to opening a new village being built on South Rd. During COVID she is working with a Sydney establishment, working from home in Melbourne. Sue had hoped to show us photos depicting her family where both sets of parents being of mixed Australian and European backgrounds. Her husband’s Father like a lot of people who came to Australia from Europe such as Poland, could not work in his chosen of Mechanical Engineer, and had to study at night to regain his degree. He then worked with children with Thalidomide, designing artificial limbs. Sues boys are both married Chris is in the Air Force and Jeremy is Commissioner of Basket Ball Australia. Un fortunately Sue’s photographic display did not eventuate but thanks to Ian’s expertise, we may see them in this edition of the Bulletin. Thank you, Sue for your presentation which you made without notes and showed your enthusiasm and sincerity and totally enthralled us. As was mentioned you have made your mark with us as indeed you have wherever you go. It is always interesting to hear about the Rotarian behind the badge and you were certainly that.

Jo had a Community meeting and enthusiastically told us that it exceeded expectations. There were more than just the “community” members and they looked at projects that produced some good ideas.  Helen and Jo support            St. Kilda Mums and stated that there is a great need for goods as many of these Mums are on Health Care. Jo informed us that there were 2,000 babies born since July 2020!  Helen was invited to speak further of DG Alma and her Tuesday morning meetings.  Helen told us that DG Alma is doing a lot of communication, that it is worth a read of “Open Doors” and that she is working hard and in communicating to us that we are all in the same boat but with discussion she is trying to pull the District together. Helen felt she is the best communicator and a lot of the competitive attitudes are gone due to her passion and enthusiasm.  DG Alma is also looking for a District Project. Helen together with Geoff Gartly informed us that our Outgoing Exchange Student currently in Finland is   great in informing us what and how she is doing. Her letter is too long to read to us on Zoom but perhaps an edited version will appear in the Bulletin.

Sergeant Tim informed us that each end-of- year a choice needs to be made for the proceeds of the Sergeant’s fines. In the past he donated to Fred Hollows Institution. However, in discussion with Margaret M who does the actual collecting, it was decided to spend the collected $1000 to equally support Community groups in both Glen Eira and Kingston. Well done Tim and Margaret.  Then we all got fined as matches to football teams, historical dates such as the anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Well done Sergeant Tim! Pres. Geoff closed the meeting by thanking us for being there, wishing us to be well and safe and reminding us that ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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