Zoom Meeting August 26 2020 Glen Eira CEO


Good morning! Has anyone noticed that the sun is starting to shine earlier? Have you noticed that the blossom trees are beginning to bloom? Perhaps Spring is really around the corner and with it HOPE will infiltrate and lives might become a little more “normal”! We can just hope that we can stay safe and stay well! On this beautiful morning, Ian welcomed us all and especially Sossi Ghazarian and later Tony Fitzlaff, both of whom we miss their cheerful greeting while making our coffees at Cilantro. At 7:30 there were 22 out of 27 participants attending.  Peter Nolan was our Chairman this morning.

Our guest Speaker was Rebecca McKenzie, the CEO of Glen Eira City Council. Her main aim this morning was to share insights of the Glen Eira Council. The population of the council is 154,000 with 54,731 households. There are 5 major activity centres and 11 neighbourhood centres. There are over 160 different cultural Backgrounds and the centre of Melbourne’s Jewish community 16.8% who identify their religion as Judaism. 20% of the population are aged 60 years or over, 21% are parents and home builders, aged 35-49 years and 9.2% are tertiary education students. Glen Eira thinks it is important in setting a new vision for the community. A Citizen Jury is being formed to hear the desires and 94% of the population say there is a good quality of life in the district. High quality services and facilities that meet the people’s needs are important and this council is the only council that runs Aged Care service and care from the cradle to the grave and looks to make sure where growth occurs and looks at traffic, parking and transport strategies that try and have easier transport and connectivity between buses and trains. The idea too, is to encourage to take public transport and leave cars at home, preferably in garages or on home property, thereby leaving the roads free and not so constricted.
Glen Eira has wonderful open spaces and urban strategy is keep these spaces safe. An emerging issue is to look at sustainability and climate change and the reduction of the Carbon target to nil by 2030. In working towards good responsible governance, is to work together in graffiti removal, to get to know the neighborhood, to be absolutely transparent, to develop positivity, to increase perception of people and where the concerns are and then increase focus in Community Partnerships. Rebecca continued in her succinct manner to tell us of COVID in the community. There are gaps in mental health and self-care management. Not all citizens are on-line due to aging community and who are unable to grasp these techniques. Volunteers are more highly at risk and are withdrawing from active service. Therefore, building resilience and connections with the vulnerable community is of great importance. Infections so far have been reasonably low in Glen Eira. There is social isolation and it is important to keep volunteers connected and supported. Care packs for the more vulnerable is another priority to help and in order to build community resilience kindness and connection are important factors. E as a group are invited to join COVID 19 Community groups Committee.  We can be on the mailing list to make sure we as a group are aware and that our wealth of Rotary knowledge can offer the opportunity for the Glen Eira to bounce back. We could join the mentoring scheme for community groups or businesses and support the organizations volunteer recruitment and contribute to the Community and Social Isolation Project (CASI) initiative.
There were many questions from our members dealing with the bike lanes which Rebecca explained that the pilot idea would be looking at to clear the urban streets, parking problem and the recycling collection including looking at weekly green waste collection. $bin collection is another issue that is being discussed. Kevin informed Rebecca that BMC had registered in the mentoring program and is waiting on an answer.  In Rebecca’s conclusion she offered to return to answer more definite questions and told us that she was missing the market. Thank you Rebecca for your interesting and   your succinct presentation. We have thanks to you a clearer picture of what is happening in Glen Eira which is important as our Rotary Club is part of your district.
There were apologies from Marg Lucas and from Sue. The September issues of the bulletin will have the birthday lists. It is always a delight to recognize Members’ birthdays. Pres. Geoff gave his address at the end of the meeting and again thanked us for being at the meeting. He told us in recognition of Rebecca coming representing the council and not being able to answer some of the questions that councils often get disparaging resolutions no matter how difficult or odd questions are Councils have to carry them out. He, again mentioned that Ambassador Mitch Fifield will come on September 16th. There is limited time so it is suggested that questions should be put to Pres. Geoff beforehand. Pres. Geoff again mentioned that DG Alma was impressed with how we are discussing with where to go in the future, how we see BMC moving forward and benefit the community that maybe different.  Kevin thanked the members for the effort to join him with the Strategic Plan and we shall get more information before the Zoom meeting on Monday August 31st.
Jo informed us that Community is talking about the St. Kilda Mums project. They are looking for comfy bedding for single beds and cots. If we can help we can talk to her how they can get the donations. Jo also said her background phot was of Rita’s Laneway off  Koornang Rd which would give local residents an interesting and colorful walk.
Then it was time for Sergeant Tim’s sergeant session. Unfortunately, Tim had trouble with his sound, so Acting Sergeant   Tony gave us a way to empty our pockets! He used a quote from Prophet Isiah. Mainly he fined all those members with healthy mind and body and we certainly paid! At the end of this footy-less session Tim Finally worked out his problem so he got fined too. Pres. Geoff closed the meeting thanking Peter N for co-hosting and wished us Safe and Well. ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)

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