The Market will be open this coming Sunday. Please maintain social distancing.
The Club holds its meetings on line via Zoom or in person at a venue each week. Please check Events listing for details.
Hello there and welcome to our wonderful and vibrant Rotary Club.
We are to the south east of Melbourne, Victoria, about 18km from the city, meeting each Wednesday morning, currently on Zoom, details here.
We number 37 active members and our main Club activity and fundraiser is the running of the Bentleigh Sunday Market.
We are very proud of the contribution we make to our local communities of Glen Eira and Kingston, and to the wider world, either directly or because we are part of the wonderful worldwide organisation of Rotary.
If you are at all interested in giving a little back to your community and making new friends and being part of Rotary, please contact us or join us at one of our weekly meetings. You will be made to feel very welcome.
For more information about joining, click here.
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Former soccer star leaves it all on the field to improve education in Tanzania
Here’s how joining a Rotary club helped enhance Ashley Holmer’s work
Looking for a meaningful year-abroad experience, Ashley Holmer decided to teach in Tanzania. The former college soccer star coached and taught English in a Maasai community in 2005.
The Supurunda Water Supply Project in Papua New Guinea has been a successful example of how Rotary is advancing peace and providing clean water and sanitation.
by Rotary Down Under
In 2018, eight villages inhabited by five cultural groups agreed to put aside past conflicts so they could enjoy the benefits of a safe, clean water supply. The resulting water system is now a common and enduring thread that, no matter what else happens, will unite them and will be protected by them for everyone to enjoy into the future.
Members attended   27
Guest. Kate Lynch. (daughter of Tim Lynch )
Guest Speaker. Professor. Geoff Sussman
Chair. Ron Brownlees.
President Geoff Gledhill welcomed the guest speaker, guest and members. He informed members of two thank you cards he received, one from Family Life and the other from a recipient of one of our Christmas hampers. He also reminded members to refer to the Bulletin for the club’s strategic plan.
How we got there: WHO African region is certified free of wild poliovirus
In a challenging time, Rotary members and partners have shown drive in overcoming challenges
by Diana Schoberg Image credit: Andrew Esiebo
This is just part of this article on the Rotary website.
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Mar 08, 2021
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Our Club's major project is the Bentleigh Sunday Market.
Founded in 1977, it has so far raised over $2m which has been spent in the local community and on humanitarian projects overseas.
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