Club Meeting April 10 2019 Committee Updates


CLUB FORUM is the meeting where the whole of the club members hear what the various committees have been working on. It was an unusual beginning to the day as Zilla who had promised to offer champagne 2 days before her 80th birthday in February to celebrate with the club actually did that. Severe illness had prevented her from fulfilling that promise and a promise is a promise! Thank you Tony, Sossi and the new student who helped with that and those who participated enjoyed the different start to the day. Pres. Ian was Chairperson for the morning and invited Julie to give us Invocation and Peter O’B to present the Loyal, Royal Toast. Once again Grant found an obscure club with difficult names to pronounce. Off we went to Burkina Faso which is a landlocked country in West Africa north of the Gulf of Guinea with borders of Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast. The area of Burkina Faso is 274,000square km. The population is approximately 20,000,000.  The country as populated by hunter-gathers from the east about 14,000 BC. Various ethnic groups of present-day Burkina Faso such as Mossi, Fula and Dyula between the 8th and 15th centuries.  From the 11th C the Mossi people established several kingdoms. Burkina Faso became a French protectorate n 1896. On 1/3/1919 the Colony of the Upper Volta was established. The colony achieved self-government as the Republic of Upper Volta on 11/12/1958. The name Burkina Faso means land of the honest men. Ouagadougou has been known from the 15th century when the Ninsi tribes inhabited the area. A Ninsi tribe, the Mossi, made ‘Kumbee-Tenga the capital of the Mossi Empire in 1441. It was renamed as “Wage sabre soba koumbem tenga”, meaning “head war Chief’s village” Ouagadougou is a Francophone spelling of the Mossi name. The French made it the capital of the Upper Volta in 1919. The population is 2.2million. Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Seydou Ouandaogo and the Members of the Rotary Club of Ouagadougou Doyen, Burkina Faso, District 9010, Chartered 1st June 1984 with 32 members. The club has chartered a Rotaract group. The club meets at Residence Hoteliere Nebilma on Monday,7.00pm. What a great presentation and what a lot of research! As mentioned in last week’s bulletin we received aa reciprocal toast from the Rotary Club of Saint Pierre River D’Abord on the Island of Reunion. How exciting! Pres. Ian welcomed Tim and his son Lachlan and gave huge well deserved thanks to Grant for his presentation. He commented on the relaxed atmosphere and once again wished Tony R and Tim M a Happy Birthday! He also pointed out the photos of John M’s investiture, officially receiving his OAM. Ian reminded us that MUNA is being held at the Legislative Assembly. MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) is an annual event that and it encourages Year 11 students to understand the workings of the United Nations and have the ability and confidence to debate the issues that affect nations. It is a most worthwhile event to watch. He also congratulated Jo on her ride for MS, raising $1200 towards the $600,000 that was achieved on the day. Pres. Ian reminded us of the combined Rotary District picnic day at Karkarook Park on 6th May and of the theatre night that Jade is hosting at the Palace Dendy with us to raise money for Backpack Beds(Swags) for those who sleep rough. We had 2 motions for the club to vote for.  The 1st was for the Bethlehem Music Department and the 2nd for the School in Balibo. Both motions were carried unanimously. There were 3 directors who spoke to us informing us of progress that has been made by their committees. Linda O’B Chair of International, Jo Chair of Community, Peter G, Chair of Youth and Vocation.   All three directors made mention of being careful, considered and mindful of the strategic plan. Linda told us that the committee was continuing to work for the school in Fiji and needed to further identify projects to achieve goals. Donations were made to ROMAC, Interplast, Wheelchairs for Kids, and partnered with RC Savu Savu for ABCD Fiji. There were donations to Shelter Boxes with 2 Rotary Clubs in New Zealand and to Stephanie Woollard/ 7 Women.  The committee had held many market stalls that had raised a substantial amount for ROMAC. She reminded us of the night meeting to be held on 1st May at Cilantro together with RC Port Melbourne. She thanked Grant for his weekly International toasts and finished by showing us photos of the school in Balibo which has no sanitation and has dirt floors. Thank you Linda for your Information. Jo began by telling us how pleased she is with the team and that most communication was done by email with 2 face-to-face meetings. They too are close to the strategic plan and wished to support community goals in support for the disadvantaged. The committee wished to address Community Isolation. She continued by thanking Tony R. for the spread sheets. The Community committee also added Bethlehem to the donation list for a diverse range of programs including Medical, Social Enterprise, Cross Education -Cross Culture, Health Care and Palliative Care. Looking ahead discussions regarding Rental Access Plan which would need to likely access through Kingston. This would give families a stable life and the committee is looking at a club Forum to further discuss this idea.  A special Thank you to Jo for having taken over this chair from Richard and for doing such a magnificent job. Peter G informed us that this committee only works with team contribution and under his very able leadership it does. He pointed out that schools enable children to learn and went on to inform us that he felt that the Traffic School in East Bentleigh is under-utilized. There are difficulties to get there and coach seems to be very expensive, which adds to the problem of exposure. Peter advised us that we have joined with another club to help with the Recovery Centre which helps Children who are withdrawn in the home and therefore are socially isolated. Our committee helps to fund an Outdoor Program such as Camp Awakening. He also advised us of schools where children arrive not having eaten meals. It costs $25 a meal and Holmesglen is working together Cheltenham Secondary College to help with breakfast. Peter felt that more work needs to be done in Vocational with a new way of thinking towards jobs and a better understanding of the needs in this direction. He agrees with Helen N that Vocational needs to be a separate committee.  Thank you Peter for your concise presentation. PE Geoff Gledhill congratulated the committees on making things work so well. He spoke to us regarding the formation of committees and would appreciate if we would inform him on which areas we would like to participate in.  CHANGE-OVER will be on 29TH June. Venue to be arranged. In closing Pres. Ian reminded us that the meeting on 17th April will be at Champagne Charlize, Center Rd Bentleigh. Have a good week and BE THE INSPIRATION

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)




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