Club Meeting April 17 2019 Martin Utteridge member


We met last week at Champagne Charlize where he hosts Alex and his wife Eve treat us with enormously amazing breakfast. Bacon for those who love it and Salmon for those who don’t! They are really wonderful, welcoming hosts. Thank you! Margaret was our Chairperson and invited Grant to give us Invocation and Ron to present the Loyal, Royal Toast. There were three birthdays to celebrate to day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Faye, John L and Geoff Gledhill, we wish you a healthy and prosperous year ahead with as many happy events that you can fit in! Margaret called for apologies that came from Helen N, Linda O’B, Tony R, Jo and Charles A.  It was a relaxed morning.  We did not have an overhead so NO International Club Toast and no travelling to far-off places from Grant. Pres. Ian mentioned in the last bulletin that we received a greeting from the Rotary Club of South Queensferry Scotland. It is always exciting to hear from clubs that we send a toast. We also received a warm thanks for the card we sent to the Rotary Club of Christchurch in relation to the massacre. He reminded us of the Theatre Night that Jade is organizing to raise funds for Backpack Beds that will proved swags for those who are sleeping rough. We should contact Helen to book.
After we had eaten Margaret invited Martin Utteridge to the front to tell us about himself. Martin is one of 6 children, third in line of 6 children with 5 boys and 1 girl. He was born in Harrow UK and attended Primary School and first year High School. It was then in 1969 the family decided to move to Sydney. Throughout Martin’s talk the word “move” was the operative word. The family moved from Sydney to South Australia and after 2 years moved back to Sydney where he attended 3rd year High School. Whilst in South Australia Martin said he enjoyed cycling and scouts and had fun growing up there. It was in 3rd year High School that he met his now wife but 6months after meeting her She moved to South Australia. There were many, many  phone calls with Martin  studying Metallurgy in Wollongong and his to-be-wife living in South Australia. They were married in 1977and Martin returned to South Australia on finishing his studies. He got a job at lab Technology and did pilot work for Roxley Dam. Martin and his wife moved back to South Australia where they purchased a beautiful heritage house which gave them many interesting challenges. He has 2 daughters, he older born in 1986 and the second born in 1991, during which time he changed from Metallurgy to Sales and gained a management position which included the whole of Australia and New Zealand. One daughter wanted to do Community work and as an added interest joined Kiwanis while the daughter went into fostering children and offered respite for disabled children. Both daughters belonged to the Guide Movement. In 2005 the family moved to Melbourne and Martin became involved in his interest in rebuilding cars and in doing this he rebuilt a Holden Commodore turning it into a super-car with a V8 engine!!  Martin has 2 granddaughters with another grandchild due soon. He is now working for a distributor.  Thank you Martin for allowing us to get to know you better and for becoming a valuable member of our Rotary Club. Well Done. Sergeant Tim was very pleased to be able to have a session because the past weeks have been full-on and he has been crowded out. Having the time all sorts of excuses and events saw us emptying our wallets into the Sergeant’s coffers. All in a good cause! In closing Pres. Ian thanked Alex and Eve for having us and informed us that we were home again at Holmesglen. He wished us a good week of celebration and reminded us to BE THE INSPIRATION.

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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