Club Meeting August 29 2018 Jo Impey



1degree, blue sky, birds twittering, good company and great coffee and as Sergeant Tim welcomed us to “the greatest Rotary Club in the Southern Hemisphere” one would have to agree it was a marvellous way to begin a morning! John M on crutches was our charming Chairperson. After Invocation and the Loyal Toast, he invited Grant to present us with the International Club Toast. This time Grant took us to Germany. Germany is a Western and Central European country which is divided into 16 States or Bundeslaender. Two of the states are known as City States which are Berlin and Hamburg. The Capital is Berlin. Germany has many countries that form its borders. Denmark (north), Poland and Czech Republic (east), Austria (south east), Switzerland (south), France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium (west) and coasts on the Baltic and North Seas. Zeitz is a town in Sachsen-Anhalt. Sachsen-Anhalt was established in1945 after WWll by the Soviet administration and became part of the German Democratic Republic in 1947. During the administrative reforms it was dissolved in 1952 but re-established in 1992 following the German reunification. The capital of Sachsen-Anhalt is Magdeburg and the largest city is Halle. Zeitz is located in the south and was recorded under the name of Cici in the Synode of Ravenna in 967. Between 968 and 1028, it was the bishop’s residence. At the end of the 13th century, the bishops again resided in their castle at Zeitz. It was captured by the Swedish troops during the thirty Years War and was given to Electorate of Sachsen in1644. Occupied by the USA on 27th April 1945 and given to Soviet troops on 1st July 1945. The population is 30,000. Grant shoed a picture of a building explaining that it was the “Herrmannshacht”, built in 1889 and is one of the oldest brick factories in the world. Grant invited us to be upstanding to toast President Jürgen Rabold and the Members of the Rotary Club of Zeitz, Republic of Germany. The club is in District 1800 and was chartered 11th February 1994 and has 38 Members. Thank you, Grant, for once again taking us to a different country and for your research that brings another club to life.  John announce the apologies, one being Margaret who has returned from Singapore where she attended the funeral of her last surviving brother. Margaret was one of nine children. We are sorry for your loss. Other apologies were from Terry, Kevin and Alan. Pres. Ian commented on the very chilly morning. We join him in wishing Liz A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a wonderful year to come. We also Wish Linda and Peter a great holiday abroad with much enjoyment and a safe return. Pres. Ian called Martin to the front so he could be formally given his club badge. Congratulations Martin. We were reminded that Lucinda Nolan who we first met when she was with the Victoria Police Stationed at Moorabbin, is speaking to us on the evening of 17th October. Her subject is “Ovarian Cancer Research”. He thanked Geoff Gartly who is printing the Bulletin for us. Although we can read the Bulletin on line, it is always impressive to see a copy on our tables to read especially when we have visitors. The photos in our bulletin make it most interesting. Thank you Ian.  Our Guest Speaker was none other than our member Jo as the Member behind the Badge. How good was her presentation beginning with her favourite music by Cat Stevens singing “Taking a Ride” and her photographic presentation with the title of My Life: Many Blessings. Jo was the youngest of 4 children in the Impey family having been born 6 years after her brother. Her photos showed her older siblings in the same pram but hers was a new one. Her arrival also caused a move from a 2 bedroom home to a 4 bedroom house in Moorabbin, now known as Hampton East. Her Father was a great sportsman and had included her in all the sports games with her brothers so she had learn how to hold a cricket bat and how to kick a football very well. Somebody pointed out that all her photos had a cup near her and that she was always in a floral dress. The cup was her very special one that went everywhere with her and even to this day Jo loves floral dresses. Jo attended the Worthing Rd Primary School as did John M and went to Hampton High School. She pointed out that in her day as with many of us in the club there were no IPhones so time was spent in recess and lunch times just talking. At university Jo majored in Sociolology which she learnt how to think, how to research and learning about life. She took a year off, worked for a year and then went back to Uni part-time while working in Home Care in Brighton for 5 years. During that time Jo met Robert Wolfgram from Fiji who encouraged her to choose go to Fiji instead of buying a block of land! She stayed on the Island of Qamea for 5 months. Jo said that she loved everything about the island as when you live in the culture you learn so much even though it is a subsistent existence. She has been back twice but also travelled “Aussie backpack” to England and “nannied” on the Isle of Capri. While in England she travelled to Ireland, Scotland and Europe and while in London looked after a child with blood cancer. Back in Australia Jo went on to study Reflexology but found that corporate life did not suit. Back to university in her mid30s and did a role in Homebrand then Launch. She talked about Peter, the love of her life of 5 years. Peter became very ill and life became very hard for them both but before he passed away they made the most of the time they had. They were very close. After Peter died, Jo turned her hand to fundraising and bike riding and joined Geoff Gartly in the Ride for Cancer, helping to raise $30,000. She went on to ride for MS with a team to Mornington and back raising $15,000. While she was very proud of her achievement.  At this point Jo came to Rotary and interested us in RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia) and raised $5000. She is very proud to be part of Rotary and showed us a photo of Recognition and her award that she received at our Changeover. She invited us to sing as she closed her presentation. Those of us who follow ST Kilda Football Club did so with gusto. As much as Jo is proud to be a member of Rotary we the captive audience is proud and honoured that Jo who is one of the most positive and kind people one could meet, is a member and friend to the Rotary Club of Bentleigh Moorabbin Central. Thank you Jo for sharing your Life and Blessings and your courageous story.Our inimitable Sergeant Tim once again entertained us with a “Drrr” joke and sneakily fined us for all the imaginable reasons. We should comment on the beautiful and delightful breakfast of plated omelettes served to us as well as the other tasty food we receive each week. We certainly are treated well at Cilantro, not to mention the fact we are always greeted by Tony and Sossi with great coffee as we arrive. We are very lucky. Charles A was there to join us and announced that the market will help the Drought Relief fund with the gate takings until we reach $10,000. In closing the meeting Pres Ian thanked John for chairing the meeting while still on crutches and asked us to BE THE INSPIRATION.

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)


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