Club Meeting August 7 2019 Emily Green


Kevin Davidson was chair. There was not international toast Emily Green an indigenous scholar studying medicine at Monash University was the speaker She spoke about the discovery of her indigenous origin, her upbringing in Queensland, her activities in working with indigenous groups in other countries . Emily then touched on her plans of returning to Queensland after she graduates to work in regional communities. She also thanked Rotary Health for awarding the scholarship to her

Margaret Mason

I arranged for the above to address the club last Wednesday. She is 19 years of age and the recipient of an Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Scholarship doing Medicine at Monash University. Sadly, our fantastic “reporter” Zilla was not in attendance. No doubt President Geoff will incorporate comment in his article. I could tell from looking around the room that all members were somewhat impressed with this “young lady” – Without doubt, she is “going places”…..May be she will end up working for Dr Vishal when she completes her degree at the end of 2022 although probably not a chance; she wants to work with the indigenous of which she is part of. May be the club will “monitor” the progress of this “gem” and have her back once a year. It certainly cemented the fact that my donation to fund part of her scholarship was without doubt a favourable move.
Peter M Lewis.

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