Club Meeting July 24 2019 Member Liz Pascal


Grant presented a toast to the RC Conway in Arkansas USA, and their President Aimee Prince.

He showed us maps with dancing red dots to illustrate Conway, Arkansas, neighbouring state Louisiana, Club members, and meeting place.

It was very informative and interesting.

Liz Pascal has been a member for some two years, and she shared her life story with us. She had migrated from Canada in 1966 and found employment as a receptionist.

Her childhood ambition had been to be a wife and a mother. She married in 1973, and after much heartache and disappointment with her pregnancies, now has 3 children ( 2 boys and a girl). The major turning point in her life was 1990 when her mother died and her marriage ended. However her strength and resilience motivated her to re enter the workforce which she did by gaining qualifications in childcare. She was introduced to Rotary through Sara, Larry Green’s partner whom she had met through work. Now retired from work she spends her time flying to and from Sydney where her daughter lives, and looking after her grand children. She is also involved in a book club. Members thanked Liz for sharing her life candidly.

Jo Impey advised us that there will be an Indian community day in August sponsored by Glen Eira Council. Clemence, our French Exchange Student arrives Sunday 28th; there will be a welcoming French Night Cordon Bleu dinner on22nd August to welcome her.

Sergeant Tim entertained us with his misinformed anecdotes and fabricated misdemeanours to extract fines from members.

Pres Geoff closed the meeting reminding us that ‘Rotary Connects the World’

Margaret Mason, in Zilla’s absence

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