Club Meeting October 16 2019 DG Shia and new member Michael Bury


Peter L was our Chairperson and welcomed our guests, DG Shia Smart, AG Kathy Monley, Michael Bury and Marney Bury (Michael’s Mother). Peter invited Michael, as Rotarian to-be, give us Invocation and Clemence presented the Loyal, Royal Toast. As we had our DG with us, it is a Rotary custom to present a toast to RI. Peter gave the honor to Charles. Grant chose to take us to Bolivia this week. Bolivia is a land locked country in west-central South America and has borders with Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile. The land area is 1,000,000square km and a population of 11,000,000. The Legislative and Judicial capital is in Sucre while the Administrative and Financial sits in La Paz. Humans first arrived into the area no known as Bolivia about 10,000 BC. The first of the Andean civilizations began in 3200 BC and with the Inca Empire, from 1438-1533, became the last of the Andean civilizations. 1524 was the beginning of the Spanish conquest in South America and in 1533 The conquest was mostly completed with continuing local rebellions until 1572. In 1808 Napoleon forced Charles 1V to abdicate in favor of his brother Joseph as the King of Spain leading wars of independence in Spain. In 1808 the revolt against Spain began led by Simon Bolivar and Antonio Jose de Sucre and after 16 years, on 6th August 1825 the Republic of Bolivia was proclaimed, the country being named after Simon Bolivar.  Wars with neighbouring states until 1938 resulted in the loss of 50% of its territory. Thee Rotary Club of Sirari is involved with Cardiac operations for young people under 18 years, Environmental changes including reforestation, Unemployment of people aged 16-30 years, Cleft lip and palette treatments. Santa Cruz de la Sierra is home to the Rotary Club of Sirari and is the largest city in Bolivia with a population of 1,500,000. It was founded on 26th February 1561 about 200km east of its current location and was moved several times. The city is 550km SE of La Paz and 260km NE of Sucre. The main industries are oil, forestry, agribusiness and construction. Santa Cruz contributes more than 80% of national agricultural production and 35% of GDP. Grant asked us to be upstanding to toast President Marco Aguilar and the members of the Rotary Club of Sirari, Plurinational State of Bolivia. The club is host to an Interact club and a Rotaract club. The club was chartered I February 2012 and has 22 members. Thank you Grant for once again opening our eyes to yet another busy and hard-working club in the wonderful world of Rotary. Helen advised us that the French evening would now be held at a French restaurant on Friday 8th October instead of her home. She also advised us that we are have an Outbound Exchange Student called Florence. She comes from the Springvale area. We as a club provide her jacket and a counsellor. Helen also asked for volunteers to help with for bike training. Ron also asked for more volunteers to help with a BBQ for the official opening of the adult play ground in Linton St., Moorabbin. Pres. Geoff thanked our guests and all the members for attending this morning’s meeting. He mentioned the last board meeting and that the committees were doing a lot of good work. He then called Michael Bury and DG Shia to the rostrum. He invited Shia in her capacity as DG to induct Michael into our club. Michael’s Classification will be Contract Manager. Michael comes from a Rotary minded family as his father Bob was a dedicated member of the RC Moorleigh. It is 11 years since Bob passed on and this is a wonderful dedication to him. We were thrilled that Marney (Michael’s Mother) was at our club to enjoy his induction. Michael told us that he was looking forward to his participation of our club’s activities. Geoff pinned the badge after Shia handed all the information to Michael to help further understanding. Thank you Peter L for bringing in yet another wonderful new member. DG Shia in addressing us, asked us to think outside the box. This coming year Rotary is aiming to work with family and not compete with family and thereby creating a friendly support system. We need to support by introducing the young, firstly to Interact, then onto Rotaract and then slide into Rotary. We need to promote Rotary and we need to have the public to recognize what Rotary does and to join to meet people like you and me to exchange ideas to take action and to enjoy ourselves. NO ONE ENJOYS GRUMPY PEOPLE.  Shia acknowledged that the personal touch by inviting people to join is best and that District provides tools to help. She reminded us of the District Conference to be held at Echuca Moama 21-22 March 2020. Registrations are now open. She then handed the rostrum to AG Kathy. In the past Kathy explained district Governor’s wives had their own projects. This coming year, Partners will be involved in the project BOOKS in HOME.  This is aimed for children who are disadvantaged who will be able to own their books. There are 30 plus government schools who can offer the opportunity to own the books and the schools will have these books in their libraries. There are over 2 million books of choice distributed around Australia the thought is if you do not read there are millions of magical doors that will remain shut BUT if you do read, those doors will open and you can go anywhere! These books can be given as gifts. There are catalogues based on capabilities. This project ensures Future Life in Education. Kathy continued by saying they are looking for donations. She joined Shia in saying that we need to engage with new members and thereby encourage all our members to stay. Thank you DG Shia and AG Kathy for joining us for such an early start to the day. Thank you Tony and Sossi and for the kitchen cooks for making our coffee and for the absolutely delicious breakfast. Sergeant Tim did his inimitable comedy thing and as usual extracted fines from us. Pres. Geoff asked Clemence to close the meeting. ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)

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