Zoom Meeting September 2 2020 Club Forum


We were greeting with “Good Morning” all and a huge smile as Ian began the meeting this morning. It is actually Spring and the days seem to be starting earlier even if a bit brisk. Coffees on hand and Helen explained that our Guest Speaker to-be, Jane Tewson, Founder and Director of Igniting Change, was unwell and therefore, sadly unable to be with us. Therefore Pres. Geoff felt it was a great opportunity for us to have a valuable forum instead. In welcoming us, Pres. Geoff said a forum would give a chance to bring up anything we would like to discuss and in order to be heard could we please raise our hand. Later in the meeting, the raising of hand turned into a discussion of how to use an emoji which was either a blue or yellow hand. Great for those who knew how! He also suggested that if any Director wanted to make announcements that could happen later in the meeting. Ian announced that It was Margaret M’s birthday on the 1st September and John’s birthday on the 7th September. We wish you both a VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and an easier year ahead with good health and to be safe. Members can change the background of where they sit on Zoom as Kevin shows the Gold Coast, Helen displays this year’s Rotary Mission of Rotary Opens Opportunities depicting doors, and Sue in her capacity of CEO of Healy Retirement Villages as her background of the new retirement village which is growing very quickly in South Rd! All very impressive. Pres. Geoff reminded us that Mitch Fifield Australian Ambassador to New York will be speaking to us on September 16th enabling us to either have prepared questions or by having Q&A on the day. We need to keep in mind that the timing will be tight. The questions will not be restricted to any specific topic. Kevin commented on the Club Strategy plan which had the first meeting on Monday. He was pleased that 20 people participated and it was great to see that. He has also made a copy and every member of the club will receive a copy of what transpired. Tony G had mentioned regarding his life in South Africa and talked of the injustice in that country where the color of one’s skin determined what one could do or cannot do, where the opportunity of education and freedom was nonexistent and in order to give his family a safer and freer life out of a country where the future appeared to be most dangerous he migrated to Australia. Changes there did happen and in joining Rotary he felt he could put back into the community to make a contribution and make life more simple. Kevin’s response was that we all are here for different reasons but by working together we could work on those different reasons and build on community. Kevin also asked us to review the document he is sending us so that we can work on the opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of the club. Pres. Geoff talked of a video link that shows while we do what we always do, that the next generation will face challenges in the future when this generation stops. Tony R made a plea for an up-grade of web-site to show the audit, reports, the constitution and the minutes of board meetings.  Peter L agreed with the plea and Ian who amongst everything else he does, said he would look and update the website. Zilla asked if everyone knew how to find and enter the website which will make it more user friendly. Ian has said he will put this information in the bulletin. Ron, who is the Market Director has mentioned that we will be more aware once the Premier has indicated where we are in the lock-down for the market activities. He suggested since we have not been able to be rostered perhaps extra people can come to the Market to help patrol and study work-safe COVID plans. It would also get us more involved and socialize whilst working. Larry suggested further to this that we could use the extra shifts from July and August. Ron will email instructions for the website. Jo, Community Director advised us that instead of looking to donate at this time, Community is looking at projects and once again asked us to look further afield than ourselves for goods such as baby blankets and linen for St. Kilda Mums to use. Helen also once again told us that while a lot of people were knitting Baby clothes that PLEASE NO bonnets or other head gear as there is way too and institutions do not know what to do with so much excess.  Jo informed us that there is a zoom meeting on September 12th to air new projects and this could involve everybody. Helen commented on the great work that Jo was doing and in moving forward we should do more groundwork on what organizations need. Little things mean a lot. She will put this into the next agenda for club culture and we all need to put in. Members might remember Danny Schwarz. Danny was amazing in his work with youth and was very involved with Youth Connect. He appeared on Channel  News last night in his role as CEO Playgroup Victoria which is a not-for-profit association committed to helping all Victorian families discover the benefits of playgroup and play in a child’s life. There was talk of having innovative programs beamed to children. Members would be pleased that he still being creative. Sergeant Tim was being innovative too in fining us for fairly obscure reasons. All in good fun and all for a good cause. There was discussion regarding football, rugby league and rugby union and the celebration of winning and losing games. All the people who did not have dogs in their life needed to pay a fine for International Dogs’ Day! Sergeant Tim loves history and felt 1976 was worth a mention being the last time there were advertisements for cigarettes. Very important. Pres Geoff closed the meeting by informing us that we shall try and have more regular Club Forums. He mentioned Jo’s hour of exercise. He wished us a good week and reminded us that ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES

Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)

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