President Elect Peter Nolan was our chairperson for today’s club meeting at Cilantro.  He also performed Invocation and Tim L performed the Loyal Toast.  Tony, Julie and Glenda joined the meeting via Zoom.
Guest Speaker – PDG David Tolstrup – District Representative for Rotary Regionalisation Pilot program
Announcements – President Margaret
    Margaret has recorded a summary of the recent board meeting in her Message in this week’s bulletin.
    Our club has received a thank you card from Geoff and Angie Gledhill for the messages of condolence received from the club and members following the recent passing of his father
    President Margaret presented DGE Ian with a PHF badge with 5 sapphires in recognition of his contribution level to The Rotary Foundation – Congratulations Ian
Guest Speaker – PDG David Tolstrup – District Representative for Rotary Regionalisation Pilot program
    PDG David is our District Representative for the Rotary Regionalisation project that is currently underway with plans to run a Pilot program from 2023 – 2025.  David opened his presentation by saying Rotary has for the past 117 years been held to formal structures, policies and procedures that have remained largely steady with minimal and slow changes introduced when the Rotary Council of Legislation meet every three years.  The current state of Rotary has not kept pace with modern lives and expectations, and Rotary membership is in decline.   The Rotary Regionalisation Pilot program is an opportunity to bring Rotary into modern times, with more streamlined processes, less layers of bureaucracy with improved levels of support for club projects and meets Rotary International’s strategic plan to: Enhance and Participate, Expand and Increase ability to adapt.  Key focuses include: Use of technology, Support for clubs, Provide a unified voice, Develop partnerships, Develop efficient processes, Service and Friendship.   The Pilot program will bring in Rotary and Rotaract clubs  to work collaboratively on researching a new model for the way forward.  Two regions have been invited to participate in the Pilot program – Zone 8 (Australia and New Zealand) and Zones 17 & 18  (Great Britain and Ireland).   The Pilot program will be specific to our zone for researching a model with the following aims:
        Support for clubs to engage members, volunteers and communities
        Creation of new leadership opportunities for members
        Help build a stronger, unified Rotary brand across the zone
        Encourage partnerships
        Improved efficiency and reduced duplication of roles and tasks
        Reduced administration tasks and membership fees
        Opportunities to help make clubs vibrant, adaptive and responsive to local and international communities
        More efficient support structure
        Direct and meaningful involvement in the development and management of Rotary and Rotaract in our region
        More responsive and flexible to the needs of the modern volunteer
        Members choose how to engage with Rotary – through a club, project or program
        Reduced membership fees, reduced administration tasks
    The Pilot program is viewed as an opportunity to lead positive change, regenerate Rotary and help shape Rotary for the future.  To participate in the Pilot program, club members will be invited to vote whether to proceed with the Pilot program.  In turn, club presidents will cast their vote on behalf of the club at District level.  2/3 of all clubs must vote Yes for the Pilot program to proceed.  Voting will take place in September. Presuming the Pilot program proceeds, the next 6-9 months will focus on developing the new structure, with the Pilot program in operation from 2023 – 2025, following which an appraisal process will be presented to Rotary International for determination if this is the way of the future for Rotary.  During the initial period existing Rotary processes will continue as per normal, but it is envisaged traditional roles may change during the pilot period with a sharing of resources.   Further detailed information is available on the Rotary International website – Ian has provided link to the program in our club bulletin and our club website. Refer more information please go to:
Club Social Event – Jo
    Jo invited everyone including partners/friends  to join in the Curry and Casserole night planned for Sunday 28/8 at 5:30-10:30pm at Kings Park Tennis club.  Further details are in a link in this week’s club bulletin.
Youth Committee – Sam
    The Youth Committee is set to reengage with the Interact Club at McKinnon Secondary College following a slow down in activities during Covid.  The Interact Club is holding a market stall at the school on Friday this week and seeking volunteers to help out at lunchtime.
Sergeant Session – Sergeant John
    Sergeant John met a nurse called Tiia at the Alfred, and because she was Estonian, he decided to fine your bulletin reporter Karin for having Estonian heritage.
    DGE Ian was fined for having rung the bell to commence the meeting – tut tut,  a role for the sergeant if you don’t mind!
    Carlton supporters Neville and Helen were fined for barracking for a losing side.  Collingwood and St Kilda supporters were similarly fined for backing losing sides.
    Geelong supporters were also fined – because they won!  It doesn’t matter if your side won or lost – our sergeant will find a reason to fine you, so keep your gold coins handy.
    John recognized the passing of two of his favourite singers – Judith Durham and Olivia Newton-John, and in honour of ONJ – he fined for O – Greg O and Peter O; for N – Peter N and Helen N, and for J – Vishal M?
    Club members wearing coloured socks were fined – in honour of a Rotary hands on project Socks in the City – providing socks for homeless people.
Roster – the rosters for next week’s club meeting and market were announced
Meeting Close – President Margaret thanked David Tolstrup, our guest speaker, and closed the meeting with the Rotary theme – Imagine Rotary.