Posted by Margaret Mason on Jul 28, 2021
The meeting was held on Zoom.
The chair was Julie Reid and the guest speaker was Pat Armstrong.President Helen welcomed members and the guest speaker. She then advised that she attended the District Presidents meeting on line.
The vote to endorse the five thousand dollar donation to the District Storm Appeal was conducted. Members voted in favour of the donation. President Helen reiterated that the District committee has given the assurance that the money will be spent, and not languish in an account. President Helen then reminded us that the DG’s visit to the club will be on 11 August 2021.
Guest speaker, Pat Armstrong, was introduced by Chair Julie Reid. Pat is a professional environmentalist and chair of the District Environment and Sustainability Committee. Pat informed members that a new area of focus of ESRAG is protecting the environment. The vision is a future where people  and nature will thrive today and tomorrow. She reiterated the goals of ESRAG and suggested that the club can apply for funding for Environmental projects. Pat also provided statistics on the membership of ESRAG in Chapters, Districts and members. She also gave examples of projects that have been done and the ones in progress.
She elaborated on the project in Timor Leste where Rotarians, in conjunction with the Locals,  installed solar panels in the remote areas so that the people will have light for work, study, cooking and eating. Pat then talked about club Enviro Awards and the benefits for the club. Finally she informed members that there will be a  Future Vehicle exposition and Seminar planned for Sunday 24 October 2021. Details and specific information are available on the ESRAG website.
Meeting concluded with a Sergeants fine session. Members will need to bring CASH to pay their fines at the next face to face meeting on 4th August, hopefully in Cilantro.