Posted on Jun 23, 2021
The meeting was held in Cilantro but with limited attendance due to covid restrictions.
The International Toast prepared by Grant Perry was to President Dean Christy and the Rotary Club of Abergavenny in District 1150, in Wales. Wales is part of the United Kingdom and is located in the west coast of Great Britain. District 1150 covers South, mid and west Wales and has 58 Clubs.
The history of Wales commenced in BC 48 when it was conquered by the Romans who ruled it till AD 383.After several changes of “conquests and rules” Wales was finally included in the United Kingdom under the Wales and Berwick Act. .Abergavenny means mouth of the River Gavenny and has a population of 14,000 and is 38 km from Cardiff, the capital of Wales.
The club started a “well-being” initiative in 2015 and over 6 years, has donated and installed 12 defibrillators in the town. Its main fund raiser is the Abergavenny Steam Rally which is held annually. The club owns the Abergavenny Steam Company so all the proceeds from the rally goes to the club. A celebrity from Abergavenny is the singer Marty Wilde. The club meets on Mondays at 1pm at the Monmouthshire Golf Club.
Margaret Lucas was the chair and the speaker is none other than our own sergeant Tim Lynch.
Tim presented a very informative session on the Amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act.
There are 133 amendments to the Act and the main ones are:
. Smoke alarms must be fitted and checks made annually
. Full electric and gas checks to be made very 2 years.
. Dead locks must be fitted to front and back doors.
. Windows must be lockable.
. Heating must be available
. Landlords cannot prevent renters form having pets
. Repossession had been made more difficult.
. The landlord must provide reason for tenant to vacate
. Rental tenants can make improvements without seeking the permission from the landlord.
A clear summary was presented on other issues listed in the Act. There was a lively Q & A session following the presentation.
Thank you Tim.