Posted by Zilla Roth on Mar 10, 2021
Kevin was our Chairperson and Speaker on this still dark morning! Autumn is making its presence felt. He invited Ian to give us Invocation and Peter N to present the Royal Loyal Toast. Pres. Geoff welcomed us all and reminded us that the meeting was a Club Forum. 
He mentioned the Strategy involving the future of the club and the need to change because of the way society is today. We wish Tony R a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope the coming year is a healthy one with love and fun with Leonie and your family. As time was moving on Kevin needed to begin even as breakfast was being served. Kevin thanked the members who participated at the meetings to help discuss the formation of the Road Map that will be looked at this morning. New members will see things happen and we were asked to please accept the change. The STRATEGY ROADMAP (Building the future direction of our Rotary club). SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY NOT A DESTINATION. Our strategy defines where we want to go and we need to understand how we will get there. It sets out how we reach one destination then how we achieve the next. It is not the strongest of the species nor the most intelligent that survive the world but it is the one that is most adaptable to change. Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves. Our basic challenge is: Are we going to accept that the club, our club needs to change? Are you ready to join the Journey? If not then do not be a barrier or even consider why you are here. If you are ready, then welcome the change and help this great Rotary Club achieve a world of difference. There are important objectives to bring the club into 2025. There are issues to address to make this happen. One goal moves on evolving the next one. Main objectives are Stakeholder objectives, Internal objectives, Events and activities, Promotional objectives and Financial objectives. The details on all these points have been emailed to all our members. Please study them to understand what is occurring. Ian has been working hard on our web site and amongst updating and adding to make our website interesting. He is looking at sponsorship and being more active. PE Helen is slotting teams to make the road map stay in place. These positions are left open because time is of the essence as we are all volunteers and therefore have choices.  We are looking at Businesses to partner and we could invite business people to join us in meetings or even cocktail parties to attract people with great stories to tell and to engage them even to join. We need to have meetings that are more productive in the shortest of time creating the opportunity to involve and make members feel needed. Kevin in pointing to the sheets with all ideas that have been charted stressed out that this is the skeleton that needs to “put the meat on the bones”. Kevin had arranged for many exhausting meetings and those who joined worked hard to display ideas for the club to study, join in and accept the changes that need to be made to make us a solid happy group. The culture of the club needs to be addressed separately and this too will make an interesting discussion. Thank you Kevin for your hard and consuming work behind the scene to be able to do this involved and important presentation. In closing the meeting, Geoff summarized what Kevin said about change and we need to keep sharing and to put information on the website. The staff at Victory Garden Café served us a beautiful breakfast with great coffee. Have a great week and remember ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES
Zilla (Bulletin Reporter).
A copy of Kevin's presentation can be found here.