Posted by Kevin Davidson on Oct 20, 2020
Nepal with its 30 million inhabitants is sandwiched between India and China, the 11 highest mountains in the world are located there. The country offers difficult topographical and social framework conditions. Life expectancies for people living in the remote mountain areas are low, with approximately 52 for women and 54 for men. RIDS-Switzerland/Nepal is partnering with village communities all in the high Himalayan mountain areas, in remote and demanding topography, between 2,000 and 3,500 m above sea level.
The Pere project has been spear headed by the lead Rotary Club Augst-Raurica from Switzerland (with Dr. Richard Buehrer as project leader), the local host Rotary Club Mahabouddha in Kathmandu, and RIDS-Switzerland/Nepal as local project implementer. The Pere project consist of TWO Global Grants and is planned to be implemented from January 2020 to December 2023.
RCBMC provided significant funds in the past though last year was much smaller, A$5,000, Alex and Richard will provide an update on the project as well as an insight to the grants applications.