Posted by John Mason on May 20, 2021
Members with good memories will remember the Market Strategy Plan from 2020.
Whilst COVID has delayed most of the implementation process, some progress has been made on
the proposal to erect a sign on the rear of the Commonwealth Bank Building.
You may be wondering what happened to this proposal…well-...
A professional design was prepared (pro bono) and Board approval was received.
The proposal was lodged with the bank and bank approval was received.
Council Planning permit is also required and that involves getting “Owners Consent”.
It was then discovered that the Bank was not the owner! 
Title and Company searches identified the owner and after several unanswered letters and phone calls,
a direct approach to their address revealed that the owner was negotiating a lease extension with the Bank
and would not agree to a sign on the building until the lease was renewed. 
We are now in touch with the agent who is negotiating for the lease, but so far there is no decision.
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!! Nothing is easy these days.