We had Larry Green as our host/chairman this morning. Our special guest was, of course, Alma Reynolds, District Governor, District 9810. This was Alma’s “official” visit to our Club. It was not her first, however, having joined us before as the DG elect.
Alma was joined by her partner, Greg King and our Assistant DG, Heather Chisholm.
Zilla was an apology this morning.
President Geoff addressed the meeting informing the Club that the Board had met with Alma on Monday evening via Zoom. The Board also met on Tuesday evening at it’s official monthly meeting.
Geoff then proceeded to introduce Alma.
Our District Governor spoke about the challenges facing Clubs at this time, especially out inability to meet in person. All Clubs are meeting via Zoom some with more success than others but, generally speaking, coping very well during our periods of lock down. She spoke of the need to maintain a level of support to the Community and beyond and to ensure that the Club display the Rotary brand at every  opportunity.
Alma reminded members that the District has launched a new website (9810rotary.org.au) which contains a lot of information and resources about the District and International. Alma referred to her bi-weekly newsletter, Open Doors and encouraged all members to keep informed of District events and initiatives by taking the time to read it each fortnight.
Alma congratulated the Club and it’s members on its commitment and enthusiasm and support of Rotary projects, She also encouraged members to perhaps consider extending their involvement into the District sphere.
Alma then introduced her partner Greg King to talk about this year’s DG Partner’s project.
Greg has chosen the EndPolioNow project as his focus. He was happy to announce that come August 21, the entire African continent will be declared polio free. This will leave the countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan as the remaining countries still recording active cases. EndPolioNow has been a Rotary initiative for 35 years. In answer to a member’s question Ken reported that the current pandemic is not affecting too much the continued effort top eliminate polio and actually suggested Rotary and the infrastructure already established may help significantly in the immunization program to fight COVID 19 when a vaccine is finally available. He was hopeful that each Club in the Distract would be able to contribute US$1500 plus the equivalent of US$25 per member.
In closing, Alma reminded members that in March we will be celebrating 100 years of Rotary in Australia and we should be thinking of how we can contribute to the celebrations. She reminded us to label our projects and continue to engage with Rotary and support it’s “flagships”. But most of all, continue to have fun.

Thank you to Alma and Greg for visiting our Club this morning, albeit via Zoom.
Jo Impey spoke about her Community Committee meeting on Saturday and Kevin Davidson spoke about Strategic Planning, 

Tim Lynch did a great job once again levying fines against a number of members, with Margaret Mason keeping the “book”. Victims included Tony Ryan, Margaret Mason, Grant Perry, Paul Fergsen, Peter Lewis and Charles Rener.

President Geoff gave his closing address from what appeared to be a trampoline the way he was bouncing around.