Our Club meets weekly.
For the time being we are meeting on Zoom each week at 7.30am Wednesday. Meeting ID 3532621046 Pwd 3191
or click here. You are very welcome to join us. Never used Zoom? Click here.
Hopefully we will be able to meet once again in person at Cilantro.
A full buffet breakfast is made available and cost is $25. Meetings always finish no later than 8.30am.

Note re parking at Cilantro – it is free on Wednesday mornings up until 8.45am. Regarding any other occasions where you may be on campus, you would need a parking permit.

Occasionally we may meet elsewhere and / or at a different time – please check the list of coming events on this page to confirm.

Below are reports on our most recent meetings.
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Welcome to our Club!

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:10 AM
Cilantro Restaurant, Holmesglen TAFE
Moorabbin Campus, 488 South Rd
Moorabbin, VIC 3189
For the time being our Club meets on Zoom each week at 7.30am Wednesday Meeting ID 3532621046 Pwd 3191
Latest Meetings
It was a beautiful morning and we were all gathered to listen to our Paul Ferguson who is the CEO of Moorabbin Airport. Pres. Geoff gave us a brief good morning greeting while on his way to work. He welcomed Tim L back and as we all do wished him a speedy recovery from his disastrous road accident and welcome our AG Heather Chisolm to the meeting. He explained that his introduction in the bulletin is short because there was not a lot happening and like the rest of us looking forward to some sort of change although not to expect too much.
The wonderful things about Zoom meetings in the morning are firstly that one can get up dressed for the day but do not have to hurry to be somewhere else, secondly we can perhaps enjoy the early morning freshness without the “hurry” stress and thirdly, best of all, that we can have visitors us from far-off places such as our Guest Speaker Rotarian Delia Rothnie-Jones from the Rotary Club of Savusavu, Fiji. We also welcomed Kevin Berry, friend of Geoff Gartly. Kevin is a builder who was involved with their Venturer Scout group who were involved in putting together a playground for the Batibalavu School.
What fun! How much fun was it on Wednesday September 31th evening, a glass or two of wine, 2 very enthusiastic and passionate Guest Speakers and many members with apologies from Peter L and John L. and appearances from Leonie R and Angie G. Welcome Terry! We have not seen Terry for a while as she has to work long hours from home and lives a long way from us. Pres. Geoff welcomed us all including Vishal, Angie and Leonie and Karin who at last has a camera and therefore can be seen.
Happy Birthday Helen, Ian’s Partner. By 7:30 there were already 23 participants who included Sossi, Tony Fitzlapp, Rotarian Merv from RC Caulfield and our Tim M who is not able to join us often due to his children’s commitment. Pres. Geoff welcomed us all and made mention that we were having a very, very busy day due to our meeting, 7;30 in the morning and then again 7:30 in the evening.