As president, you lead and motivate your club, ensuring that club members feel valuable, inspired, and connected to each other.
What you do
  •     Preside over club and board meetings
  •     Appoint committee chairs and members
  •     Conduct club assemblies
  •     Create a budget and manage club finances, including an annual audit
  •     Develop a safe environment for youth participants
  •     Work with your district governor and assistant governor
Here is a list of topics that you, as Presidents Elect, should be considering as your year as leader of your Club, approaches:
  1. Club Board
    • Board Structure 2023-24  Club Executive positions for 2023-24 need to updated using clubrunner. This can be achieved at the District level for all clubs - link here. Alternatively, for those clubs using clubrunner access is via the Organization/Executives and Directors menu option in your own club's admin area of clubrunner.
    • AGM's
    • Attend Board meetings
    • In conjunction with your new Board, set goals for your Club and enter them in Rotary Club Central.
  2. E Learning
    • Learn by Role>Club Roles>President
    • Or take link to Learning Centre – Club Leadership
    • Two specific courses which PE’s are expected to complete, Club President Basics and Intermediate
  3. Youth Protection
    • Youth Protection officer
    • WWC for members
    • Clear protocols in place
  4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Familiarity with RI policy
    • Education of members
    • Issues within Club?
  5. Code of Conduct
    • Ensure Club has one
    • Education of members
  6. Club Websites / Bulletins
    • Ensure websites are being maintained
      • Times and venues for meetings
      • Contact information
      • Link to Bulletins
      • Up to date branding – logo and theme
    • Look at structure and purpose of Club Bulletin
      • Public document
      • Helpful to members
      • Coming events incl District events
    • Focus on retention
      • Do members feel included?
      • Give them a job
      • Mentor program
      • Hands on projects
      • “Exit” interview – AG or member from another Club
    • New member opportunities
  7. Role of President as motivator
    • Interesting and varied Club Meetings
    • Speak at every meeting/include in Bulletin
      • Promote Club events and encourage participation
      • Acknowledge work of members
      • Talk about what RI is doing on world stage
      • Encourage attendance at District events
        1. Social events
        2. Other Club events
        3. District training events
        4. Conference
      • Encourage further training/education especially E Learning
    • Monitor attendance and follow up with absent members
    • Support you Club leadership team
    • Encourage Club and personal support of the Rotary Foundation