Note - this page should be read in conjunction with the page on Club Citation here, which is about setting your goals for the coming year.
It is essential you have a My Rotary account. If you do not have a My Rotary account, click here.
If not already done so, you must get your club secretary to enter you as club president for the Rotary year 2023 – 2024 (and President Elect for 2022-23).  This can be achieved via clubrunner at the District level for all clubs - link here. Alternatively, for those clubs using clubrunner access is via the Organization/Executives and Directors menu option.
The link to your Club's Rotary Club Central is here. If you are not already logged into My Rotary, you will be prompted to do so.
Setting and tracking goals for 2023-24:
Select the menu option on the LHS, Goal Centre. Here you will find the area to enter the goals for your Club under the 2023-24 (year selector at the top of the section). Instructions here.
This is where you will enter and keep track of your goals for your 2023 – 2024 year and can also see data for your club from earlier years.
These goals MUST be entered prior to July 1.
Entry of information is self explanatory. Is is accessible by category or you can select "All". Simply click "Select Goal" and enter the value of the goal you are setting.
Note the menu option on the LHS - "Resources". Here you will find a range of useful links/downloads.