When we talk about Rotary's impact, we're referring to the positive, long-term change that results from our actions.
Our projects should always seek to have sustainable, long term impact.
Rotary's Impact Building Blocks:
  • Input: The resources invested in a project. The time, money, training and materials used for the project/program
  • Output: The immediate results of a project. People trained, materials delivered, people and institutions engaged.
  • Outcome: The short-term or immediate results of a project. Adoption of systems and/or practices encouraged by a project
  • Impact: The positive, long-term changes resulting from our actions. Measurable improvement that otherwise would not have happened.
The Rotary Foundation is the vehicle that provides the funds to help us achieve this positive, long term change in projects of varying scale, both at home in our local community or with projects overseas.
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