What are member's expectations?
Studies show that most Rotary members hope to get at least one of these things from their membership:
  • Participation in local service - make a difference in their local community
  • Social and professional connections and/or gain a sense of belonging
  • Be part of an organisation with a global reach
  • Be part of an organisation with a long history and positive reputation
  • Find leadership development, personal growth and recognition opportunities
Why do members leave?
Surveys tell us that members have left Rotary for these reasons:
  • Club culture
  • Unmet expectations
  • Cost or time
Club Culture - questions a person may ask about a club
  • Club environment: How does this club make people feel included? How does this club make people feel comfortable being themselves?
  • Accessibility: How easy is it for people with disabilities to participate in club meetings and activities?
  • Service: How is this club making a difference
  • Fellowship: What makes this club fun? How do members show they care about eachother?
  • Diversity: How does this club allow me to meet or work with people from diverse backgrounds? How is this club representative of the community?
  • Image: How is this club perceived in the community?
  • Operations: How often does this club meet? Are its meetings organised and publicised? Are the expectations of its members made clear? How strict or flexible is the member experience?
Unmet expectations
A member may find reason to leave if their expectation(s) listed above are not met. Where are we letting this member down? What is it that they were expecting, that was not delivered.