Balibo House Trust –Ai Asa School.
All the schools in the Balibo area were burnt down during the withdrawal of Indonesian troops and the Balibo House Trust has undertaken to rebuild these schools, with 3 planned for the coming year.The Balibo story is becoming a real success story.... and our club is the lead Rotary Club being the first to donate in Zilla Roth’s year as President.
As an aside as a result of the work done in Balibo by Rotary and the Balibo Trust the area has improved significantly (in part because of foreigners who go to Balibo on a pilgrimage to visit the site of the murder of the Australian journalists and the historic fort and stay at the small hotel built by Rotary ...this has prompted the government to put in a sealed road and install electricity)
Our Club partners with the Rotary Club of Port Melbourne, in supporting the re-building of two schools in Balibo.
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