Posted by Karin Soster on Jun 18, 2022
The Club held its annual Changeover this year at Sanctum at the StKilda Football Club facility in Moorabbin.
This event marked the changing of our Presidents. Helen Nodrum, 2021-22 to Margaret Mason (PP), 2022-23.
A full album of photos can be found here.
Well what a night it was – a night to celebrate the end of one Rotary year and the beginning of a new one, and it couldn’t have been better than last night’s Changeover to commemorate the changing of the guard to farewell our current President, Helen Nodrum, and welcome in our new president, Margaret Mason.   A fabulous venue in the Sanctum Room at St Kilda Football Club, with excellent food, lovely table decorations and presentation, live background music from Bradley Marshall on piano, a well-run program, an entertaining and witty Master of Ceremony, wonderful speeches and all over too soon before it was time to go home and contemplate the year that was, and consider the promise of the next one yet to unfold. 
Dee Mason, Sergeant John’s daughter, was our surprise MC for this evening and what a great job she did presenting the event on schedule, punctuated with light commentary to keep everyone buoyant, and everything running smoothly in a fun atmosphere.
Dee performed the Acknowledgement of Country, and welcomed visiting dignitaries, club members, family and guests.  Invited guests included DG Dr Daryl Moran and Jenny Moran, DGE Ken Miller, AG Les Marton and Trish Carr,  State MP Nick Staikos – Member for Bentleigh, Deputy Mayor of Kingston Hadi Saab and Rami Saab, Mayor of Bayside Alex del Proto and Donna del Proto.   
Karin Soster performed Invocation, and Ron Brownlees, performed the loyal toast, adding it was fitting to reflect on the Queen’s 70th Jubilee and length of service – he recalled her visit to Australia in 1954 shortly after her crowning as Queen of Australia and the Commonwealth, adding she has served the Commonwealth well demonstrating unfleeting Service above Self during her reign.   
Sergeant John Mason performed the Toast to Rotary International and drew parallels with his own life, adding his father was born in Geeveston, Tasmania in 1905, the same year Rotary commenced.  Since that first meeting in Chicago in 1905, Rotary has grown to 1.2 Million members, more than 10,000 Rotary Clubs in 161 countries – all with a shared purpose to provide Service above Self.  DG Daryl Moran responded on behalf of Rotary International, commenting Rotary produced a book called the Golden Wheel Book in 1984 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Rotary International.  The forward was written by Prince Philip, who was a member of four Rotary clubs, and referenced Rotary’s motto of Service above Self, adding the motto is powerful encouragement for the good men and women in the 70 Rotary clubs in Ukraine.   The book is available on Amazon for anyone interested, however DG Daryl obtained his copy in a second hand book shop.
During the course of the evening in between the serving of entrée, dinner and dessert, the formalities of changeover were conducted.
President Helen presented her President’s report for the year summarized thus:  Helen is proud of the club’s achievements this year, acknowledging it was hampered with Covid lockdown conditions to commence, but with the help of Ian setting up Zoom meetings, everyone was able to remain connected and support each other - adding our club was the first in the district to commence club meetings over Zoom.  She was pleased that meetings with incoming President Margaret Mason, and incoming President Elect Peter Nolan were being held to discuss club strategies for moving forward and continuing with current projects.   President Helen thanked all committee chairs for their input this year.  Highlights this year included the introduction of Eftpos that has become the main method for processing payments at club meetings and our accounting system is now backed up in the Cloud.  We have participated in Youth Awards, NYSF and RYLA, and a new youth public speaking competition called Bayside Speak operating in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Brighton.  President Helen listed the club donations made over the year.  Club marketing has improved with the creation of a new club brochure, a sticker for recipients to display when in receipt of club donations, and there has been more advertising and use of the Bentleigh Market Facebook page.    President Helen was pleased of new partnerships created with external parties and other clubs for common good – among others, these include Friends of Karkarook Park, R.C. Mash for a run/walk to raise awareness and raise funds for mental health.  Our club donated a money spinner to the R.C. of Whittlesea for their fundraising activities, and from all reports, they are putting it to good use. Our club contributed to Days for Girls – this year’s DG partner project selected by Jenny Moran.    We had good club representation at this year’s District Conference in Caulfield.  Good work has been done by the membership committee.  The 5 year lease with Launch Housing for the club’s property in Frankston is due for renewal this year – Pres Helen thanked Ron and Geoff Gledhill for the work they are doing in reviewing the property and its use.
The board is considering appointing a market manager for the Bentleigh Market - however, the council is still deciding what will happen with the market space.  President Helen congratulated Ian Ballantine on his becoming DG Elect for the coming year, however, in doing so, has had to relinquish his role at Asst Governor – but this baton has been passed on to Linda O’Brien, who will be A.G. for the Bayside cluster.   In finishing, President Helen thanked the board for their efforts and much appreciated support.
The citation inducting Margaret Mason as our new club president for the coming year was conducted.  Margaret claimed she was a “recycled” president, and added if President Joe Biden could become President of United States, she felt more than comfortable in becoming club president again.  She thanked Linda O’Brien for her support and assistance in arranging the Changeover event.   Margaret welcomed and introduced the incoming board.  She cited Jennifer Jones, the incoming RI President’s theme for the new Rotary year is Imagine, which she intends to follow through.  There are plans to carry on from Helen’s year working with partnerships that have been established with local organisations, adding it important to maintain these connections for ongoing relationships and continuity.
Paul Harris Fellow recognitions with excellent presentations were awarded to:
Geoff Gledhill (pres Ron Brownlees) – for club and community service, and having served as club president for two years 2019 – 2021 during challenging times
Neville Kruss (pres President Helen)  – for club service, and as secretary to the club for the past four years
Grant Perry (pres Ian Ballantine) – for club service presenting international club toasts, work on the Market committee servicing the Market Facebook page and revamping the Try Booking system.
Tony Ryan (pres Linda O’Brien) – for club and community service and in particular work at Calvary Bethlehem hospital for over 40 years.    
Incoming DG Ken Miller assisted with pinning the PHF Pins.  Congratulations – all are very worthy recipients.
And what is a Rotary meeting without a raffle.  There were a few lighthearted moments, when MP Nick Staikos was called upon to drawer the winning raffle prizes, and whether by divine intervention or just plain good luck, he drew his own ticket as the winning ticket.  Not only did this happen once, but it happened twice!  As they say, third time lucky, and the main prize – a lovely table lamp donated by Sue Loeliger and the Healey, was drawn to Linda O’Brien – very fitting for someone who spends a lot of time setting up these Changeover events.
Following the serving of dessert, the Changeover meeting came to an end.  It was a lovely evening, all over so quickly – and enjoyed by all who attended.    
A full album of photos can be found here.