Governor’s Partner:  Greg King  Manningham
When Rotary started the PolioPlus project 1000 children a day were paralysed by Poliomyelitis across more than 135 endemic countries.
Today, only Afghanistan and Pakistan report cases of the wild polio virus.
Because of the efforts of Rotary and our partners, nearly 19 million people who may otherwise have been paralysed are walking.
In addition more than 1.5 million people are alive who may have died.
The EndPolioNow Campaign is our Partner’s Project during Governor Alma’s 2020-2021 Rotary year.
In line with the recommendation of the EndPolioNow campaign, we ask you to contribute at least $1500 per club to keep our Rotary goal of Polio eradication alive.
This is of course in addition to your individual and your Club’s general support of The Rotary Foundation – our charity of choice!
Feel free to contact Governor’s Partner Greg King for further information and ideas on how to fund raise during this coming year. Or visit for further information.
EndPolioNow – let’s just get it done!