Posted by Ian Ballantine on Oct 06, 2020
At the bottom of most pages there should appear what is referred to as a Social Media Share Bar, including this page after you have clicked the Read More button.
This post is intended to help you if your browser is not displaying this bar. It would appear to be mainly an issue with desktop/laptop browsers as opposed to mobile or tablets devices.
If the Social Media Share Bar (SMSB) appears like the following image, then all is ok. No further action is required.
If it looks like the following image, then you have an issue with Private Browser settings. Refer below for solution.
If it looks like the following image (may have the log in to Facebook message as well), then it is likely to be related to your use of a VPN. This problem also seems to delay the loading of a page. Refer below for solution headed Facebook Like button only.
Proposed solutions (note that the assumption is made you are using the most current version of your browser):
Browser privacy settings (Under the Privacy and Security section of the settings/options).

These are the settings within your browser which affect this. Each browser I have tested is different so you will need to look at your own. At the time of writing this, the following appears to be the case. I would welcome any suggestions from other users of Clubrunner. I am not professing to be any expert on browser security settings - far from it. I am just trying to help point you in the right direction. Experiment yourself to find the best result for you.
For more information about Private Browsing try these links. Wikipedia or Norton
  • Firefox - solution 1: Switch off Private Browsing and leave Enhanced Tracking Protection as Standard.
  • Firefox - solution 2: Leave Private Browsing ON and set Enhanced Tracking Protection to Custom and set as follows
  • MS Edge: The Balanced setting works

  • Chrome: Even Enhanced protection works
Issue of Facebook Like button only:
When I encountered this it appears to be when I have my VPN connection enabled. Try disconnecting your VPN. If you choose not to do this, the pages will continue to take longer to load and you won't see all the icons..
I am not sure about a long-term solution here but this appears to be the cause of the problem.
I would welcome any input or suggestions from anyone regarding this issue. Email me here